Chances are, you’re familiar with the average foot fetish. If you go to porn sites or talk to people long enough, you’re likely to find people out in the world who have foot fetishes.

There are other common fetishes as well: hair fetishes, latex fetishes, sock fetishes… the list goes on and on! But one thing I’ve noticed is that many of my followers and clients specifically have hand fetishes, which I, of course, found very interesting!

Why Should we Talk About Hand Fetishes?

Up until recently, I didn’t know all that much about hand fetishes until I got LOTS of comments on my YouTube videos. As it turns out, hand fetishes (at least for people that subscribe to my channel) are fairly common.

Surprisingly, according to research, hand fetishes are some of the least common fetishes, with foot fetishes being one of the most common. Nonetheless, body part fetishes are very prevalent, making up about 33 percent of all fetishes, according to studies.

I actually have a sneaking suspicion that more people have hand fetishes than they think. Hands might be very arousing to you, but perhaps you haven’t realized that it’s the hand itself that’s very erotic and arousing to you.

A Lot of People Misunderstand the Term “Fetish.”

Your girlfriend might have a closet packed with shoes. She might crack the joke, “I have a total shoe fetish!”

Your average American lady that owns shoes does not actually have a shoe fetish.

So what is a fetish, exactly?

A fetish is something that your sexual arousal and excitement and satisfaction RELIES ON. In other words, you NEED this object or scenario in order to get aroused and reach orgasm.

A kink, on the other hand, is something you find sexually exciting that is also taboo.

For example, if you had a real shoe fetish, you would need shoes in order to get off.

That might mean that you need shoes to be around during sex, or that you need a shoe in your mouth, or that you need your partner wearing shoes, or that you have to see someone having sex with a shoe.

That is a fetish.

Why Do People Have Fetishes?

Fetishes are very common. But unfortunately, they’re not well understood.

The best guess that we have is that fetishes come from early childhood. At one point, this object, body part, or scenario got wired into your brain as being sexually relevant… before you were even conscious of having a sexuality to begin with!

What is a Hand Fetish?

A hand fetish is a fetish that is centered around hands. Men and women alike can have hand fetishes – it doesn’t matter who you are or what’s in your pants, hand fetishes are equal-opportunity.

In fact, when I was researching hand fetishes, I found a LOT of heterosexual women who were talking about their hand fetishes for men. Some ladies love a good man hand, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

What Should You Do If You Have a Hand Fetish?

Are you wondering if you have a hand fetish? If this is the case, what can you do about it?

  • Accept yourself!

You are perfect just as you are. It’s GREAT that you have a hand fetish. There is absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of. Self-acceptance is the ACTUAL first step. Love yourself, regardless.

  • Seek out content/material/pornography/images/videos/stories that excite and arouse your hand fetish.

There’re tons of stuff out there that can satisfy your hand fetish curiosity, and the more you know about yourself, the more you can enjoy your fetish.

The more vids you watch or porn you look at, the more you’ll know about yourself and your own fetish. You might come to realize that you LOVE it when people wash their hands. You might only be turned on if a hand is caressing some titties. These are two totally different ways of experiencing sexual arousal around hands… and the more you know, the more often you can leverage this magical fetish to reach orgasm!

  • Share with Your Partner!

How great is it to learn something about yourself, and to know what works for you? Most partners are interested in helping their partner feel sexually satisfied! If you just hit this jackpot of information, you can share that information with your partner … if you feel comfortable doing so!

I personally have never been partnered with someone who had a hand fetish (that I knew about!), but if I had known, I would have been so interested in what I could have done to use my hands in order to sexually satisfy that person!  Seriously, how fun is that?!

I hope that if you have a hand fetish, you can share that information with your partner. Hopefully the two of you can make sex fun and incorporate it into your sex life in a way that feels good for everybody and brings you closer together.

Sometimes the more info your partner has, the better. The more they know about your fetish, the more pleasure and closeness can exist between partners.

Your Fetish Is Perfectly Normal. But It’s Okay If You Want to Talk to A Professional.

To recap: a fetish is something that is required for sexual arousal. You can take enjoyment in something, or be interested in something, or even get aroused by something, that isn’t a fetish.

Fetishes are perfectly cool – they are not uncommon, and there’s nothing to feel ashamed about.

Now, if your fetish is causing problems, I highly recommend you go speak to someone about it. For example, if your fetish is getting in the way of you being able to experience a close sexual partnership with someone else, by all means, go see a sex therapist, a sex coach, and seek resources that will help you make that fetish a workable part of your life. If this sounds like you, be sure to apply for a Free Discovery Call with me today. Together, we can unpack your fetish for the best sex of your life!  

But if your fetish isn’t causing you any problems, congratulations! You know something about your sexuality that can make sex even more incredible. Share this information with your partner in a way that feels safe and comfortable and consensual for both of you so that the two of you can involve your fetish in your sexual play, and make sex even more satisfying for both of you.

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