Weird things girls find attractive in guys

Are you frustrated with your dating life because you think you have to be Hasselhoff or Johnny Bravo or Batman for a woman to find you attractive? Do you feel like you have to literally be Liam Hemsworth to land a date?

Look, there are so many weird things about men that drive women WILD… that frankly, men have NO IDEA about. 

20 Weird Things Women Love in a Man

While you read this list, consider what might make YOU uniquely attractive, and how you can accentuate your personal strengths.

1. Scruff and facial hair

Women like beards and facial hair. It makes you look like a sexy, seasoned sea captain or a horse-breaking cowboy or a lumber jack. And we’re here for it. 

2. Nice forearms

Don’t be afraid to roll up those sleeves, my dudes, because your forearms are HOT. Cannot explain it. 

3. Having a spirit of decisiveness

We feel safe and we feel like we have to put in a little less effort when a guy is decisive and is confident in making decisions. Guide us, ye sexy adventurers!

4. Quirkiness

Please be quirky. We think it’s important that you have a sense of humor, that you have a little bit of weirdness to you, that you’re unique and you are your own man.

5. Women love a capable handy man.

Can you screw in a light bulb? Can you hang a picture on the wall? Can we watch your ass while you bend over to fix the kitchen sink? Being able to use power tools goes a long way, and we love watching you fix things. Mmm.

a handy man

6. A dash of bashfulness

This tells us that you don’t think you’re God’s gift to women and you’re not walking around thinking that women owe you. Bashfulness is cute. Bashfulness is humility. We dig it.

7. That sexy scar

We like scars, little imperfections and stretch marks. They have stories behind them. They show us that you’ve done interesting, daring things, that you’ve taken risks, that you’ve been through the ringer. 

8. Talent and intelligence

Are you competent? Can you fix a computer? Can you light a campfire? Women notice when you have talent, know-how, and intelligence. And we’d much rather hitch our horse to a smart, capable man.

Women mostly support themselves financially nowadays so we don’t need you to be a high-powered executive, just knowing that you’re good at what you do is sexy to us.

9. When a man can show emotion

This goes back to how women don’t love dating cardboard, but instead love dating real men that show emotions. I don’t mean uncontrolled emotion. But men that are a little bit emotive and are moved by things like music, a sappy birthday card from their daughter. It shows us that you have a heart when you cry at the end of Marley and Me.

10. Nice hands

Look, clean your nails once in a while. Keep your nails nice and filed. Nice hands are sexy for many women, and we like imagining those hands ALL over us. 

11. Body hair

Yes, sirs, we love that chest hair and we love that happy trail. There is nothing that screams more MANLY than body hair. It’s incredibly sexy and you should never be ashamed of your man fuzz. 

12. A nice speaking voice.

And a nice voice on a man doesn’t necessarily have to be deep and it doesn’t have to be gravelly. A nice voice could be anything. It’s really up to the preference of the woman.

13. When a man is receptive to ideas and willing to take some influence from his woman.

This means you don’t act like you have the answers all the time. You’re open to suggestions. This is a sign of a great leader and a sign of a team player, which is really important in relationships.

14. A good driver

Good drivers are hot and they make you feel safe. Quit tailgating and cutting people off. Learn how to parallel park.

Road rage is NOT hot and doesn’t make us view you in the “right”… it makes us feel annoyed at you. So be a gentleman and drive well you stud.

15. A man who stands up for what’s right

It’s really attractive when you care about other people and want to create a better world for others. Even if — especially if —  you get nothing in return. 

16. Nice feet.

According to some studies, the feet hold the same place in our minds as the genitals. So if you have nice, beautiful feet, it might drive the women a little wild, because it’s almost like getting a glimpse to your joy stick. 

17. Veins

Oh yes. This kind of goes back to our forearm discussion, but veins are hot, in your hands, in your forearms. Can’t explain it, guys, but it’s true.

18. A man that’s good with children

When a woman sees you interacting with a child in a really warm, friendly, positive way, she might text one of her friends and say her ovaries are screaming and that she wants to jump your bones. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

19. Dad bod and beer bellies

I know someone who loved a beer belly because when she would ride him she’s put his beer belly over her thighs to lock her in like a seat belt. Dad bods are HOT, and they help women realize we don’t have to look perfect all the time, either.

20. Your smell and natural body odor.

This doesn’t mean that I want you to douse yourself in Axe, but it does mean women are straight-up attracted to how you smell after you hit the gym. You don’t have to do anything. It’s just in you.

confident man riding in car

How Can You Tell If You’re Weirdly Attracted to Girls?

First, remember — and believe — compliments you receive by women in the past, even if that compliment comes from your mom. Because look — your mom is a real live woman! If she thinks you have nice forearms, you DO have nice forearms, damnit!

So, remember and believe compliments you receive from others.

If a coworker says, “Hey man, great presentation today!” Don’t shrug it off. Deflecting compliments from others makes it harder for you to develop confidence in yourself! Quit waving away compliments — people don’t just dole out phony compliments.

Start accepting those compliments in your life and start seeing yourself as the attractive dude other people know you are.

And secondly, play to your strengths. So maybe you’re no super handy. Or maybe you can’t grow a beard. Or you’re not great around kids. That’s great! Knowing who you are and playing up the things about you that ARE attractive is how you can win at becoming even more attractive.

All guys are attractive in their own way. But if you’re having a hard time understanding what makes you uniquely attractive to women … and therefore having a hard time connecting with women and landing dates … you should consider signing up for my coaching program, High Performance Male.

High Performance Male gives you clarity on how to show up as your best self — whether to the bedroom or the boardroom. Click here to apply.

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