The battle-proven way to have sex with two women at once

Having a threesome with two women can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your entire life…. but if done wrong, it can be a relationship killer. 

When you bring another woman into the bedroom, there are numerous landmines you haven’t even thought of that could ruin your entire evening.

Worse, it could make Chernobyl look like child’s play.

In this blog article, I’m going to tell you from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE exactly how to have a threesome with two ladies, whether you’re single, have been married forever, or are somewhere in-between.

I’m going to tell you – from a woman’s perspective – what hidden landmines and challenges you have to look out for.

And finally, I’ll show you how to maximize the fun from this amazing fantasy and how to enjoy it, even if you struggle with endurance or confidence in the bedroom.

In fact, I’ve developed what I call the S.M.A.R.T.T. Method, which will have your woman salivating at the idea of bringing another woman into the bedroom.

This technique will teach you how to create the PERFECT threesome with your partner so you can experience the power of pleasuring two women at the same time.

I am getting hot and bothered just thinking about it now.

Why have a threesome with two women?

two women about to have sex

Your woman might be interested in having one.

Various studies show that more than a quarter of all women are into this special type of ménage à trois.

Women tend to last longer than men in bed. 

If you don’t typically last as long as either of you would like, that’s okay! Having premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction doesn’t mean you can’t bring your woman to mind-blowing, earth-shattering, thunderous orgasm. Sometimes this means whipping out a toy. Other times, this means inviting another woman into the bedroom to help your woman reach the heights of pleasure.

Once you finish, you can sit back, relax, and watch two beautiful women pleasure each other. Is there anything better than that? 

So hot. I mean, come on. This is a great way to supercharge your sex life and to see your woman in a deliciously different situation than you’ve ever seen her before.

It’s a chance for your partner to experiment with bisexuality. 

If your woman has been at least a LITTLE interested in gettin’ it on with another woman, now is her chance! (Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to play with a great set of boobs?)

Gift a single woman some O’s 

Don’t underestimate how freaking FUN this can be for the unicorn! This could give the second woman the time of her LIFE. You and your partner can try bringing her to multiple orgasms … something she might not experience too often.

It can deepen your relationship and lead to HOT sex. 

Bringing another woman into the bedroom is one of the ultimate fantasies among both men and women. It can create a bonding experience that can lead to some of the BEST sex with its just the two of you, solo.

How to Get Ready for a Threesome With Your Partner Using the S.M.A.R.T.T. Method

threesome with two women and one man

You should NEVER jump into a threesome without making sure you’re 100% in the right position to bring another person into the bedroom. This is a surefire way to cause tension in your relationship.

Luckily, I have battle tested the S.M.A.R.T.T. Method. I know this system creates the sexual experience that will leave both you and partner stronger and better than when you started.

Here’s an Outline of the S.M.A.R.T.T. Method: and check the reasons why you want a threesome. Is it to fix a relationship? or to gain more pleasure for the both of you?

M.ake time to talk about it. This isn’t casual conversation. Schedule time in your day to listen to your partner’s fears and excitements. Let them be heard. about boundaries. Find out the landmines now so you don’t step on them later.

R.elentless consent. Just because she said “yes” last week doesn’t mean she’s still interested. Emotions and feelings change. 

T.ake hosting seriously. Don’t let anything go to chance. Be proactive. Think about what your partner and your guest will need and have it ready. Consider blankets, towels, candles, and many other things that can make the experience pleasurable. 

T.ake care of your woman. Dance with the one you came with! Prioritize the needs of your partner. 

How to Create A Mind-Blowing Threesome Experience

two women during foreplay

Be in a good place in your relationship. 

Really dive deep into your motivations for having a threesome.

Having a threesome isn’t going to fix anything that’s broken. In fact, it’s just going to magnify what’s NOT working between you. Don’t assume that a threesome will fix anything – don’t play with fire.

A bad reason to have a threesome: to fix what’s not working. A GREAT reason to have a threesome: pleasure for both of you!

Communicate early and often. 

Talk about this A LOT before you go for it. Talk about it more than once. Talk before, during, and after, especially if it’s your first time. Bottom line: the more you communicate about this, the better it’s going to be.

Before you walk into a threesome, you need to know your partners intentions, comfort level, and boundaries.

Pro tip: many people make the mistake of getting intoxicated in order to lower their inhibitions, which leads to situations we later regret when we’re sober. Don’t get shit-faced. Communicate instead.

Know each other’s boundaries. 

Avoid landmines you’re going to regret later by asking in advance what’s off the table. For example, she might be okay with everything except penetration between you and the other woman without a condom. Maybe you’re okay with everything except you don’t want the other woman bringing your partner to orgasm.

Maybe a boundary is that once someone leaves the room, all action stops so someone doesn’t feel left out.

All boundaries are acceptable, and should be put on the table in advance.

Be a good host.

You’re bringing in a third person who doesn’t have the same power and familiarity as you.

Just as you would with a dinner guest, you need to treat your guest star with extra care and consideration. Remember – the third party has the absolute right to her own needs and boundaries.

Be aware that you might feel extra pressure to perform.

This can be hard if you have performance anxiety, and if you sometimes struggle with getting and keeping an erection.

You may be worried that you don’t have the ability to endure long enough to pleasure TWO women!

Take some slow belly breaths and remember: it’s normal that men don’t last as long as women. They’re probably not even expecting you to last forever. Let go of expectations and enjoy the experience. 

The best part? If you end up not being able to last, you can enjoy watching the two women pleasure each other, and they still get to orgasm! It’s a win-win!

If you’re tired of struggling with not being able to pleasure your woman because you can’t last long enough, you need to check out my Masterclass, “Come When You Want”. This is the ULTIMATE guide to lasting longer in bed and staying harder, longer. 

You must balance your attention between these two women.

This is SO important.

You need to take care of your woman FIRST. She needs your primary concern in order to have a good time.

And trust me – you need her to have a good experience. If she doesn’t, it could wreck your relationship. If she DOES have a good experience, she’ll likely beg for more of these steamy experiences!

During the threesome, take care of your partner. Check in with her often. Make a point of pleasuring her.

The Finest Things in Life Take A Little Prep.

Threesomes don’t just happen with zero work and effort. There is no sexy pizza delivery that creates threesome role plays. (If you have that business model, please DO!)

But once you talk to your partner, confirm consent, find the perfect unicorn, and let go of expectations, the MFF threesome can be an incredible, earth-shattering experience for everyone involved.

If you’re here, you’re probably interested in unique ways to pleasure your woman. That’s why I created my newest Masterclass, “She Comes Too” – all about bringing her to orgasm, having the skills you need to pleasure ANY woman at ANY time, and experiencing the confidence that comes with blowing her mind. 

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