She Probably Won’t Orgasm Unless You Do This

One of the Lannisters from Game of Thrones once said, “there is a tool for every task, and a task for every tool.”

I didn’t watch Game of Thrones (**Gasp!**) but I do have an awesome new tool to share with you.

If you’ve read my blog or watched my YouTube channel before, you know I provide tips on how to make a woman orgasm, but I NEVER guarantee them. There are very few guarantees in life, especially when it comes to the ever-elusive female orgasm.

But as someone who has used this tool, I feel confident that this little magic wonder can make any woman go wild with arousal.

This magical little tool is called the Zumio.  

This is the Zumio X: so strong it just about knocked me into hyperspace.
And THIS is the Zumio S: Not quite as strong, but still strong, y’all.

I was stoked when Zumio approached me to sponsor this blog post. I genuinely love the toys they make.

These things are downright magical.

If you follow me on YouTube, you know that I don’t recommend a lot of sex toys. I’m REALLY particular about my sex toys. This is a toy I love and use on the reg. I think this is something you’ll really love too.

I have exciting news!

Zumio and I have teamed up to give you a DISCOUNT on either one of these amazing toys.

THE DISCOUNT: 15% off when you use the code Caitlin15 at

What Women Need: Extra Powerful, Extra Precise.

She comes too masterclass

What makes the Zumio so special?

Both of these, (especially the little devil Zumio X), pack a punch. They are extra powerful. They deliver big sensations in a tiny package.

These tiny, unassuming things pack the power of big vibrators into something about the size of your finger tip.

This is so exceptional because it’s exact. It’s like a paintbrush. You can be REALLY specific about where you are giving attention and creating sensation.

And that, my friends, is super powerful. Sex often comes down to being on the right square MILLIMETER to give her climax.

These amazing tools give you the power to do just that.

Why The Zumio is A Sexy Essential for Every Woman

Here’s the reality: up to 70 percent of women cannot reach orgasm during vaginal penetration alone. A lot of that has to do with the fact that vaginal penetration does not stimulate the clit.

So what’s the answer?

Without further adieu, here are the THREE ways you can use these magical little tools to have incredible, mind-blowing sex.  

How to Give her an Orgasm During Penetrative Sex

Tip #1: Stimulate the clitoris.

The clit can be really hard to get to, especially in certain positions. When your bodies are so close together, sticking something in-between you in order to get to the clit can be uncomfortable and awkward.

One time I was using my own fingers to touch my clitoris during intercourse. The dude’s penis slipped out (which can happen in different angles), and slammed into my fingernail.

Guys, not good. Not good at all.

It was awful. It just goes to show that fitting a finger down there during the motions of sex can be surprisingly dangerous.

Besides, a lot of men are not into sticking a giant pink sex toy monster dong in between you during intercourse. It can be very distracting and a huge turn off. I totally get that.

The small size of the Zumio means it can deliver major clitoral stimulation without getting in the way.

Everyone wants vaginal orgasms during penetration. The Zumio, my friends, is the quickest route, EVEN if she’s never had an orgasm before.

Tip #2: Enjoy Watching Her Private Show

The idea of masturbating in front of your partner is a pretty common fantasy, but most people still haven’t tried it. Whether that’s because they’re embarrassed, ashamed, or because it feels too vulnerable, watching her masturbate is not only steamy, but is one of the best ways to discover EXACTLY what gets her off.

Even if your partner doesn’t know exactly what she likes, this can work wonders. It’s hard sometimes to describe what feels good in words, so it can be better to show, instead of trying to tell.

Because the Zumio is so tiny, she can point with the tiny tip (almost like a teacher at the chalkboard) SPECIFICALLY at the EXACT place on her clitoris or anywhere else on her pubic mound that needs to be hit to produce the best sensation.

She can pleasure herself with different techniques and say “It’s right there. That’s the EXACT spot!”

Once you know exactly where she derives the most pleasure, you can use your fingers and tongue the next time you’re down there, and she can enjoy the most mind-blowing sex of her life.

Tip #3: Use it all over both of your bodies.

Zumios are DREAMY for foreplay. Not only can you use them to excite any part of her body, but you can use it for tickle play, in between toes, while rimming (aka while licking butt), on breasts, whatever you can think of that feels amazing!

The Zumio Delivers Major Pleasure For Men, Too

She comes too masterclass

While I was playing with these, it occurred to me that the Zumio is great for men, too.

Want to overcome premature ejaculation? Team up the Zumio with a masturbation sleeve.

The masturbation sleeve (Fleshlight, anyone?) can help you last longer in bed because it can recreate the sensation of being with a woman. Pair that up with the Zumio by vibrating it right against the toy.

Guys, it’s strong enough that you can feel it right through the masturbation sleeve. Push it right up against the head of your penis while you’re balls-deep in a masturbation sleeve, and you can use those good vibrations to desensitize the head of your penis.

When your penis has less sensitivity, you can last longer during sex. The same is true for men with delayed ejaculation. You can use the Zumio (paired with a masturbation sleeve) to increase sensation and help you get over that edge.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation and can’t seem to ever last long enough in bed, be sure to check out my Come When You Want Masterclass. This 8-module video course lays out exactly what you need to gain control over your ejaculation that I’ve developed after years of working with men like you.

The Zumio: Great for People with Decreased Sensitivity

Whether it’s because of an illness, a medication, or injury, decreased sensitivity can make pleasure hard to come by. That’s another reason why these Zumios are a life saver: they’re so powerful that they can deliver pleasure even to people who forgot what pleasure felt like! 

You also can use the Zumio in conjunction with my new Masterclass, She Comes Too, which is all about how to become the best lover she’s ever had. In 5 modules, you will become the most confident stud you’ve ever been.

Boom. Orgasms.  

With the discount code Caitlin15 you can get 15% off your very own Zumio at  I am SO excited for you to experience the intense, eye-opening pleasure of the Zumio, and I can’t wait to learn how you and your partner use this incredible tool to achieve a better sex life.

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