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Media Kit - Caitlin V


Caitlin V is a sex and relationship coach who helps men become incredibly confident and skilled lovers. Formerly a sexual health researcher and policy analyst, she was catapulted into internet stardom after a video featuring her went viral, earning 6 million views almost overnight. She combines personal experience with evidence-based science to help her clients end premature ejaculation, prevent erectile dysfunction, and develop unshakable confidence. 

Her mission is to create a sex and pleasure-positive world and her motto is that better sex = a better life. 


The perfect guest for your podcast or video

Caitlin is a dynamic guest whose compassionate and enthusiastic approach makes sensitive subjects safe and easy to explore. Your listeners will feel more connected, affirmed and validated in their sexualities and their lives – no small achievement. Audiences benefit greatly from her intelligent yet accessible discussions on sex and relationships, and are left feeling less alone, confused, and frustrated. 


Premature Ejaculation: Its prevalence, causes, and treatment/management

How people build sexual confidence to be able to please their partners

Performance anxiety inside and outside the bedroom

How a better sex life supports a healthy body, mind, and spirit

Sexual expression and healing in our cultural climate

Masculinity and its light and shadow


What is the definition of premature ejaculation (PE) and how many men are effected by it?

What the relationship between performance anxiety and PE?

What is the most important piece of advice you share with your private clients?

What can women do to help men build sexual confidence?

What is your approach to helping men overcome PE?

Why is one of your desires to focus on men and male sexuality?

What is a sex coach and who should work with one?


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