Kegels for Men: The Trick to Overcome Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction

Think Kegels are just for the ladies? Not so fast. If you struggle with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction (or urinary incontinence, for that matter), it’s time to start flexin’ those pelvic floor muscles. 

There are tons of great videos on how to do Kegel exercises. I’ve even included them in my Come When You Want course (module 4.2!). What most people don’t realize is there are MULTIPLE positions in which you should perform Kegels. Multiple positions enable you to maximize results for an even stronger pelvic floor (and even more killer sex life.) 

In this blog article, I’m going to cover FOUR different positions in which you can get your Kegel on. Ideally, you’ll use ALL of them to figure out which one works best for you.

But first…

What the Heck is a Kegel? 

athletic man looking hopeful

Named after Dr. Kegel, this is a pelvic-floor strengthening exercise that men can do to:

You probably already know that women do Kegels as well. For women, Kegels help with:

  • Achieving orgasms 
  • Increasing enjoyment of sex, and 
  • Helping a woman recover after having a baby. 

Just as you work out the rest of your body, you should be working out your pelvic floor. Why? Because your pelvic floor is the last line of defense against gravity for all your important organs! They’re very important muscles that support the weight of most of your body. Show them some love!

Why Should You Practice Kegels in Different Positions?

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Depending on the position you’re in, nobody can tell you’re Kegellin’ it up. You can Kegel on your way to work, Kegel in the elevator, Kegel in the meeting with your boss, and Kegel while reading this article.

But if you’ve been doing all these Kegels and STILL not seeing dramatic differences in your pelvic floor strength, it’s probably because you haven’t experimented with different Kegel positions. Not all bodies should Kegel in the same way. You need to find the position that works best for your unique body.

However, there’s an even more important reason that doing various pelvic floor exercise positions is CRUCIAL. If you have premature ejaculation, you need to develop a solid connection between your brain and body, specifically with your pelvic floor. Only this mind-body connection can help you gain ejaculatory control.

If you just do Kegels in one position, you won’t be able to maintain that strong connection when you change sex positions. Think about it – if you only practice Kegels when you’re laying down, you’ll only be able to control those muscles when you’re laying down.  (And I hope you intend to have sex in many different interesting positions!)

Just like when you go to the gym – if you’re going to work out a muscle group, you don’t just do the same exercise every single time. That would be limiting and ineffective. Instead, you need to work out each muscle from a variety of different angles in order for it to be the strongest, most capable, and maintain its flexibility.

Without further ado, here is your step-by-step guide on EXACTLY how to do Kegels in various positions, so you have the strongest, most swole pelvic floor muscles ever.

Step 1: Find your pelvic floor. 

I recommend you take two fingers and put them on your perineum between your testicles and anus, and breathe in and out. When you breathe in, your perineum will push down, and when you breathe out, it will lift up.

This will allow you to begin the brain-body connection and make sure that you’re targeting the right muscles. After you’re really good at this, you’ll no longer have to keep your fingers down there.

If you’re new to the wild and wonderful world of Kegels, this is where I want you to begin: squeeze the same muscles you squeeze when you’re trying to stop the flow of urine. Contract these muscles for a slow count of five, and release on a slow count of five. Repeat 10 times!

Next, I want you to practice in each of these four different positions:

Position 1: Sitting up 

This is so straight forward that you can do it while in the car or at your desk!

Position 2: Lying flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor

This is an amazing position because it allows you to relax. You’re not using any other muscles in your body. You can be fully, completely relaxed and focus just on targeting your pelvic floor.

This is also great for learning how it feels to have your pelvic floor is relaxed when you’re on the bottom during sex – either when a woman is riding you or in cowgirl or in reverse cowgirl.

Position 3: On all fours

On your hands and knees! This helps you when you’re in missionary or doggy-style. This is something I developed while working out with my personal trainer after realizing that my transverse ab-dominis wasn’t firing in all of my exercises. Long story short, when get on all fours, the pressure and weight of your organs are no longer pressing down on your pelvic floor muscles.

In this position, gravity is pulling your organs toward your belly button instead of onto your pelvic floor, which means you can practice Kegels without the added weight and pressure of all your other organs. Whew!

This is a HIGHLY important position! If you have a weak or a tight pelvic floor, doing Kegel exercises on your hands and knees might provide you with the biggest difference yet.

Position 4: Standing up

Useful, of course, for standing sex positions! So now you can press her up against the wall and have at it without worrying about whether you’ll have the pelvic floor strength to keep goin’ like a jackrabbit!

End Premature Ejaculation for Good 

In my masterclass, Come When You Want, you’ll learn how to end premature ejaculation and to gain control over your ejaculations for good. In this course, I also outline the proper ways to do Kegels (Go figure!). 

I cannot stress how important it is to get this right. If you do Kegels wrong, you could actually make your premature ejaculation worse!

If you haven’t watched my YouTube video about this, scroll up to the beginning of this blog post and watch it, so you can make sure you’re getting these exercises right.

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