How to tailor your sex skills to your woman’s unique body

There is a lot of information on the internet about how to have a great sex life. But what all this information is missing is how to improve intimacy with YOUR specific romantic partner.

Tips, tools, techniques are great in general, but how do you get better at having sex with your unique, one-of-a-kind partner?

How do you get better at knowing what HER body needs and wants, and how HER body reacts sexually?

Well friends, I have an answer for you! I am going to teach you today how to use science to have a better sex life. Because you’re having sex with a real person — not with a made up test dummy where all tips and tricks from the internet work perfectly.

I’m going to show you a method to improve sexual satisfaction and give her stronger orgasms.

And then how to change out the variables so you can get better and better and better at pleasuring that woman VERY quickly. 

In fact, I think this is the single best way you can use to get better at sex. This is more important than any technique or tool I could give you. That’s because this is something you can use to tailor the sexual experience and your response for THAT person.

The magic of the A/B Test

couple having sex in bed

This sexy outcome measure, my friends, is called A/B testing. We use it all the time in data, in analysis, in marketing, and we can apply it to foreplay, mutual masturbation, the use of sex toys, dirty talk… pretty much ANY aspect of your sex life.

It’s also a great way to determine if what you’re doing works.

Because let’s face it: a lot of guys spend a LOT of time spinning their wheels – messing around with her clit or blowing hot air on her, and it’s doing nothing for her. It’s not getting her closer to orgasm, it’s not arousing her more. I don’t want you to waste any of your precious time NOT doing things that are moving her closer to the most pleasurable experience possible.

The process for A/B testing during sex 

Here’s the overview of the process, and then we’ll break it down!

Step 1: determine what “A” and “B” are going to be!

Step 2: Test A. 

Step 3: Collect feedback. 

Step 4: Test B 

Step 5: Collect feedback. 

Step 6: Use the feedback from both A and B and create a new test based on the winner. 

Now that you have the system, let me walk you through what I mean by a potential A and B test.

An example of an A/B Test 

She comes too masterclass

Let’s take fingering for example.

Fingering method “A” is when you use two fingers to make the “come hither” motion inside her.

Fingering Method B – the PULL method – is when you move your entire arm back and forth with two fingers inside her.

And then you ask her which one she likes more! Method A, or Method B?

Use her feedback to make a second test.

Let’s pretend that she likes Method B better — the pull method. So now you test again! In this new test, Method A is the Pull Method, but fast. Method B is the pull method, but much slower.

Which one does she prefer?

She says B – she likes the slow one.

Now you can even do a THIRD test! You can test pressure, or test what she wants you to do with your other hand. You can even do a totally new test altogether that has nothing to do with fingering.

Why A/B and Not A/B/C?

It’s really important that you only give two choices. It’s also important that the feedback you collect on both A and B is simple and basic.

It could be as simple as “Did you like that? Yes or no?”

“Do you want more of that? Yes or no?”

“Which one did you like more? A or B?”

We want to make it as simple as possible so that your partner doesn’t have to come up with a whole bunch of words of what they’re experiencing. This way, they can simply tell you which one they liked more, while staying in sexy town la la land.

Some other things you can A/B test:

couple during foreplay on the floor
  • Tongue location (where on her clit or vulva does she prefer your tongue?) 
  • Speed
  • Pressure
  • The location of a body part such as your tongue or fingers. 
  • The angle 

You can always add more variables and keep going!

You can apply A/B testing to oral sex, to penetration, to a shoulder rub. All you’re doing is applying a method that doesn’t require much feedback on her part.

Have you ever had someone rub your shoulders, and it doesn’t feel quite right, but you don’t have the exact words to tell them “eh, could you use a different angle, or go less hard, or use a little more pressure but not on the left…”

Sometimes it’s really hard to give feedback.

The more hot and heavy and aroused we are, it’s even HARDER to give feedback. By A/B testing, we can circumvent the “brainy” part that takes us out of the moment and go straight to the body and say “which one of these two favors do you like more?”

Master Her Unique Body & Make Sure She Comes Too

She comes too masterclass

This is how you become masterful at your particular woman’s body. Because while all of us have the same parts, all of us have different preferences, different levels of sensitivity, different histories and things that work for us, different things that hurt, and different things that pull us away from orgasm.

If you want to be the best lover to the woman you’re having sex with TODAY, this A/B test is the #1 most important skill you can develop to get better at sex with her.

But if you’re still trying to expand your arsenal of sexy techniques that make MOST women go wild, be sure to check out my newest Masterclass, She Comes Too. In this Online Masterclass, you’ll learn how to unlock her orgasms, how to boost confidence in the sack, and the exact skills you need to bring her to orgasm.  Because if you’re going to A/B test, you need to know which techniques to try on her! 

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