There’s nothing sexier than when a man has to pull out, whip his condom off, and furiously masturbate in order to finish. 

Just kidding, guys. It’s not sexy. It sucks, and I don’t want it to be something you have to put up with. It’s not fun for anyone! It’s not fun for her, it’s not fun for you, it breaks down the connection and it disrupts the sexy time.

That’s why I’m going to teach you how to come with a condom on.

At the end of this blog post I’m also going to give you an idea that COULD BE DANGEROUS for your health, and if you don’t understand exactly how to do it, you’re going to hurt yourself. So be sure to read until the end, because if there’s something we want to avoid, it’s risking our health for sex. Mmmk? Got it?

Good! Let’s begin!  

Why Would You Want to Finish Inside A Woman (With a Condom) Anyways?

It’s the most romantic end to sex. As I mentioned before, if you interrupt yourself right before you reach orgasm, you have to disrupt the moment, break eye contact, take the condom off, and completely ruin the romantic end of two people feeling really connected and doin’ the deed.

Secondly, simultaneous orgasms are basically impossible to achieve if you’re pulling out. And for a lot of people, condoms are a non-negotiable, whether you want protection from sexually-transmitted infections, or you’re trying to prevent pregnancy. If that’s the case, you want a second method of birth control. Condoms do fail. They break! They can slip off inside of her after you’ve ejaculated inside of her and then you put her at risk of getting pregnant as well.

It grounds the orgasm. After you orgasm, there’s usually a period of time where it feels really good to stay connected, to have some stillness, and to keep that energy flowing. If you’re inside of her during this, it can feel AMAZING for her.

Coming inside of her might also be really hot for her. It might feel a little taboo, it might get her off, and she might have an orgasm just KNOWING that you’re orgasming! (Which is great! And also not possible if you have to pull out.)

How do you Finish Inside a Condom? It All Starts with Masturbation.

How to Orgasm With a Condom On

Masturbate using a lot of lube and a loose grip. 

Many men masturbate with a lot of friction, a dry hand, and a tight grip. Of course, this sets you up so that when there’s less sensation, you’re not going to be able to reach orgasm. Begin by creating less sensation during masturbation sessions.

Masturbate with a condom on! 

Start masturbating with a condom on. This way, you can be used to reaching orgasm while you have this rubbery, latexy thing on your dick. Condoms offer a different sensation, so it’s worth to practice before you perform.

Before you reach orgasm during masturbation, close your eyes, and imagine that you’re with your partner, with a condom on, reaching orgasm. 

While you’re masturbating with a condom, visualize. Just as soon as you’re about to reach ejaculation, take your mind off of whatever you’re thinking about. Shut out the porn. Visualization is so important because it allows us to practice before we even get in the scenario. This way, it’s not just your body that knows how to ejaculate inside a condom, but you’ve also given your brain a “dress rehearsal” so your brain thinks you’ve already done it before.

What to Do During Sex to Ensure You Orgasm With A Condom On

couple about to have sex with condom

Put a tiny bit of lube on the inside the condom. 

Not a lot of people use this tip, which is a shame. Put a tiny bit of extra lube on the inside of the condom. Be sure to not put a lot – make sure you don’t put so much in there that the condom’s going to fall off – but just a little squirt inside the condom will allow you to feel WAY more sensations. This transfers that friction and movement a lot better, because you have wet on wet, instead of dry latex on dry skin.

Remember to never use oil-based lubricants (like massage oils or Vaseline) with latex condoms! The oil will break the condom! Trust me, a friend of mine learned this the hard way in high school and panic ensued. 

Focus on your sensations from the very beginning.

Get out of your head and into your body and FEEL what’s happening. One of the ways you can do this is by focusing on your five senses. What does sex look like? Smell like? Sound like? Feel like? Taste like? If you focus on your five senses, you will remain in your body – in those vibes and sensations that are so incredible during sex.

Focus on what’s arousing.

So many people shoot themselves in the foot by thinking about what they’re worried is going to happen or by worrying about what’s not going to happen. How often do you find your brain wandering during sex? Stop thinking about work! Stop thinking about the kitchen cabinets! Instead, focus on the things that make sex with this partner super-hot … the things that you really get into, and worry less about your ability to orgasm.

You will be amazed. Once you take the pressure off yourself to orgasm, suddenly your body can relax, flood itself with sensations, and reach orgasm.

Not super intuitive… but what can I say? Sex doesn’t always make sense!

The Third and Best Way to Ensure You Orgasm Inside Your Partner (With A Condom On, Of Course!)

man approaching girlfriend with condom

Hear me out: don’t ejaculate unless you’re having sex with your smokin’ hot lovah.

Why does this work?

Well, if you’re not ejaculating outside of when you’re actually having sex, your body, your horniness, and your desire to have sex will build and build and BUILD!

When you go to have sex with your partner, you’ll be more likely to reach orgasm because you haven’t ejaculated in a while. Easy peasy.

Rev Your Engines! Masturbate for Better Sex Life!

One more thing…

On the day you’re going to have sex, do a little something I call “revving your engine.”

What you do is you masturbate, but not to the close of masturbating. Don’t get so close to the edge that you give yourself the discomfort commonly known as blue balls, but you DO want to get yourself close to the point of ejaculating, and then lay back, relax, and don’t ejaculate.

Why does this work?

There’s a little bulb at the bottom of the urethra that fills with ejaculate: the fluid that gets shot out of your body. During sexual stimulation, fluid starts to pool in this bulb. After a while, it sends a message up to your brain that says “Hey! We’re full! Time to ejaculate!” Poof! Release!

Guns locked and loaded! Fire away!

When you masturbate, you’re filling up that bulb. That way, when you go to have sex with your partner, that bulb is already at critical mass and is far more likely to reach orgasm than it would have been if you were starting totally empty.

What Makes This Tip Dangerous?

  • If you’ve ever suffered from premature ejaculation, you might get the sense that this isn’t setting you up for a lot of stamina. This tip is for men who have delayed ejaculation or problems reaching orgasm. If you have premature ejaculation, stay away from this tip. It will just make the problem worse.

  • Your body NEEDS to ejaculate and clear out those fluids for the ongoing health of your prostate. In order for your prostate to maintain optimal health, you do need to ejaculate on a regular basis. 

This is not a long-term solution, and I would not suggest doing this all the time. But until your body knows beyond the shadow of a doubt how to ejaculate with a condom, this is a great way to train yourself and get yourself into a rhythm where you can actually ejaculate every time with a condom.

If you struggle with premature ejaculation, be sure to check out my Masterclass, Come When You Want. Learn how to master control over when you ejaculate, so you can last as long as you want. That’s right — finally have sex all through the night in 90 days or less. 

You can do it! Its just a matter of practicing and setting yourself up for success.

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Gentlemen, start your engines! 

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