How to Make a Woman Squirt

There are a lot of myths around squirting. Some women believe they don’t have the ability to squirt because it’s never happened to them before. Some people aren’t sure what the fluid is that squirts. Is it pee? Something else?

In this blog post, we dive into the wonderful world of squirting: what it is, why you want it, and how to achieve it in under 3 minutes.

What is Squirting, Anyway?

Squirting, also known as female ejaculation, occurs when a woman is stimulated in such a way that her body releases fluid. It’s frequently accompanied by an orgasm but it can happen without orgasm as well.

What’s the fluid that’s actually being ejaculated, you ask? It’s a liquid that comes from the bladder, but it’s not pee. For a woman, it might FEEL similar to peeing, but don’t worry. This fluid doesn’t have the same ammonia smell – anyone who’s ever experienced it would tell you that it doesn’t taste, feel, or look like urine.

This fluid comes from the female prostate (also known as the Skene’s Gland). What comes out is a watery substance, that’s all. Not pee.

Is It Possible for Every Woman to Squirt?

Maybe you’ve tried to no avail to get a woman to squirt. There are women out there who say “It’s not possible because it’s never happened to me!” What’s the deal with that? Is it possible that there are some women out there who can never experience the magic of the squirt?

Theoretically, all women have all the required parts! They have the glands, the g-spot, and the ability to squirt! But a lot of women have never had the experience. They’ve never been stimulated in the right way, and a lot of men don’t know that there’s a really specific technique that can help get a woman to squirt. (This is why we’re here today, so listen up.)

I used to be so sure that I didn’t have the ability to squirt, so when it finally happened to me at age 26, I was floored. It was earth shattering.

I’ve met plenty of women who have said “I can’t do it, it never works for me!” And when they go to try this technique, they’ve found that squirting was not just available to them, but immediately available, even EASY!

Why Would Someone Want To Make A Woman Squirt?

Is squirting in vogue? Absolutely. On one hand, it’s novel. We see it a lot in pornography. Squirting is “cool” – it seems like the apex of female orgasm! It’s very clear why a guy would want to be a part of that. But there are huge benefits beyond the glamour of porn!

For women, it feels awesome. Squirting is typically accompanied by a g-spot orgasm, which is a super powerful, earth-shattering, amazing orgasmic experience. Obviously we’re not squirting just for the sake of water gun fun. We’re squirting because it feels amazing and adds a ton to the sexual experience.

Before You Begin, Context is Key.  

Before I dive into the technique, the conditions must be right. It won’t work if your woman isn’t fully relaxed. She must be able to fully trust you and to give herself over to you.

If she’s holding back, stressed, or nervous, this is not going to be as easily accessed as when she’s completely relaxed and in a super-aroused state.

For women, sex is a mental process. Arousal takes time.

You Can Help Your Woman Relax!

As a man, one of the best things you can do to reassure a woman is to use a slow buildup of foreplay. Call her attention to light touches so she can focus on what’s happening. This is helpful for every type of sex.

Something as simple as saying “Your ass looks so great” can really help her relax into confidence.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

You’re about to get all up in her business. The least you can do is let her know what you’re doing. You’re going to want to be pretty vigorous in your movements and you absolutely want her to feel free to communicate with you if it becomes too much.

Also, let her know that she might feel like she has to pee! The sensation of releasing a squirt is very much the same sensation as releasing urine. If you reassure her from the very beginning that no matter what happens it’s totally fine, she’s going to feel more comfortable. She’ll feel free to “let it go”.

Taking that kind of pressure off can lead to a better orgasm no matter what.

Time for the Technique! Drum Roll Please!

Make Her Squirt Class

Before you continue any further, be sure that you’ve spent time in foreplay. She needs to be super aroused so the g-spot can be swollen, easily aroused, and easy to stimulate.

Here are the simple steps to get her to squirt!

  • Make sure she’s lubricated! And PLEASE make sure your fingernails are very smooth and trimmed. Otherwise, this is going to be uncomfortable for her.
  • Locate the G-spot. Insert 1 or 2 fingers inside the vagina and feel along the front wall. Make a “come hither” motion with your fingers. The g-spot is usually about one to three inches on the inside of the body. When she’s not super aroused, the g-spot feels like a little nub or a bump. When she’s aroused, the g-spot is swollen and feels like a sponge.
  • Work that g-spot gently for a while using that “come hither” motion. I like to use my thumb and stimulate the clit at the same time. Be sure to continue kissing her, touching her, and doing other things to keep her aroused.
  • When she’s on the orgasmic edge, make your fingers rigid and place your thumb up by the vagina near the clit. Tense up all your muscles in your fingers, hand, and arms, and shake your arm muscles. This vigorously stimulates the g-spot.

Cue the largest orgasm ever.

She’ll let you know when it’s too much, but it can take a lot of stimulation!

Recap: you’re going to be shaking your arm vigorously, rubbing back and forth against the g-spot, stimulating the clit with your thumb, until she starts to convulse and have an orgasm. At the same time, usually you’ll notice that squirting has started (ejaculating). Don’t stop! Don’t be like “oh my god we did it!” Keep going! Lead her all the way through that orgasm until it’s complete.

Be Okay With Her Reaction to the Best Orgasm Ever

Upon orgasm, don’t be surprised if she starts laughing or crying or begging you to do it again! Intense orgasms can be emotional for a woman. She will be reeling, so let her reel! This can be a new level of pleasure that she’s never experienced before, and a lot of women might feel self-conscious.

Whatever reaction she has to this orgasm is going to be totally fine and totally cool with you. All you have to do? Let her know you’re there. Your positive attitude can make this a happy experience for both of you!

Pro tip: have a couple of towels handy so she doesn’t have to worry about being dry or clean. Things might get messy.

What If This Technique Doesn’t Work?

Make Her Squirt Class

Could be a couple things! Maybe she couldn’t relax enough. Maybe you weren’t going vigorously enough. You might have been either over- or under-stimulating the clit.

What to do?

Communicating with your partner is key. You could encourage her to practice on her own which will take away some of the pressure. This way, she can demonstrate for you exactly what works for her. Every lady’s bod is different!

And of course, there are other techniques that can lead a woman to squirt, so don’t give up! Some women require a different level or variety of stimulation. One of the best ways to change it up is to purchase a sex toy that’s shaped like a U or a J. If you play with these toys together, she can show you exactly where, how much pressure, the speed, the kind of stimulation, that works for her.

That way, you can experience squirting without even having to get up in there with your hand! Step back and enjoy the show!

And of course, be prepared to receive a lot of phone calls and texts for repeat performances.

If you have any issues with sex and you need to work on things like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction – anything related to sex, I’m your lady right here! I’ve worked with men and women for years on how to improve their sex lives and get the most out of their relationship. Click here to apply for one-on-one coaching, because better sex makes for a better life!

You can also check out The School of Squirt as they have wonderful resources making your woman gush.

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