Are you living in a soupy feeling of worthiness and validation right now? Are you basking in the sunny rays of love? 


The amount of love we feel in any given moment colors our entire experience. 

From our first crush to 20 years into our marriage, we spend so much energy chasing after love. We struggle through relationships, misunderstandings, pining for the approval of others, and feeling unworthy. 

If you hate yourself or are feeling hard on yourself, you’re probably not having a good day, or week, or year. You beat yourself up, push others away, and feel constantly anxious that the judgment of others will fall down on you like a hammer.

And feeling unworthy is the worst. It’s one of the crappiest feelings on the planet. 

Even if you’ve loved someone for years, love can feel complicated. How are you supposed to balance your own needs with the needs of your partner? How can you approach tough conversations with kindness? How can you achieve more connection, intimacy, joy, friendship, and LOVE in your life?

This might sound counterintuitive at first, but the relationship we have with ourselves is the only relationship we have. Every other relationship in our lives is a reflection of this. 

If we think we’re dumb, unattractive, boring, or unworthy, we’re going to have a hard time accepting love from others. It’s straight up not going to work. That’s like telling everyone you hate pizza and then wondering why no one is offering you any pepperoni slices. 

Why does this matter? And how can this help you have a better sex life?

Ever worry about disappointing your partner, whether your penis is the right size, whether you’ll last long enough, or whether she’ll still be into you next week? Than you, my friend, are in need of some SELF LOVIN’. And I’m not talking about wanking off (this time), but the all-encompassing, life-affirming, uplifting, magic power of loving YOU. 

Self-Love Is Not Just Some Mumbo-Jumbo Hippie Crap. It’s The Only Way to Have Healthy Relationships With Others.

You could be with the most loving human on the planet and STILL not feel abundant in love if you do not have any love for yourself. 

You could have the most incredible family and be surrounded by loving friends and STILL be seized with anxiety that you’re not good enough. 

What if I told you that love isn’t complicated? Relationships aren’t complicated! We keep getting mired in interpersonal melodramas and misunderstandings, but there IS a way to cut through all the storm clouds. 

What if I told you that love is abundant: that it’s all around us and already living inside of us? 

Pouring a cup of love is just as easy as uncorking the bottle. 

If you’re struggling with anxiety in the bedroom — if you’re worried that you’re not good enough to pleasure your woman, or you don’t even know where to start, I want you to come talk to me. I’ve worked with thousands of men just like you who need a BIG boost of confidence in the sack so they can show the hell UP for their women. You are not anxiety. You are love, and I can help you tap into that crazy beautiful ABUNDANT reserve of love that is hiding in plain sight. 

But if you’re not feeling quite ready for personalized, one-on-one coaching just yet, I have something for you. 

I teamed up with my uber-creative friends at School of Life Design to create the How to Love Me Guide. This 22-page workbook makes YOU, the reader, the center of the story. Its mission: to show you that the feeling of being loved is right here with you, right now. 

You Can’t Be In Love… You Don’t Even KNOW Yourself! 

How are you supposed to love yourself if you have no self-awareness? 

You might be a super handsome firefighter with glimmering biceps, or an IT worker who can save entire office buildings from digital calamity. You might be a father, husband, brother, blues-style guitarist, or expert window installer. But this is all a very small, thimble-sized part of who you are and what you bring to the world. 

The How To Love Me Guide has 22 pages of in-depth questions that will help you get to know yourself better. What is your unique way of expressing? What do you bring to the world? When do you feel sexiest? What do you long for most in this world? 

This guide will help you dive into your own deep-end (get your heads outta the gutter, here!) whether your desires are causing you emotional peace or tornadic upheaval, how comfortable you feel embracing your desires, and which aspects of your life bring you JOY.  

Click here to get your own copy of the How to Love Me Guide from School of Life Design. My goal is to help you realize that no matter where you are in your life, you can feel love right here, right now. 

Life Is Too Short To Live It Without Love 

If you’re looking for more than what a 22-page guide can give you — if you’re looking for a total revamp of your sex life, for passion, for confidence, for stamina — Come When You Want is my step-by-step guide to lasting longer in bed, experiencing ejaculatory control, and developing unshakable confidence. It delivers many of the same tools I use in one on one coaching but in a video format you can access from your phone or computer. Check it out! The first step to an amazing sex life is to learn, to dive in, and to discover how to take control.