For Men Struggling with ED

All-Natural & Holistic Process

Gives Men Harder, Longer-Lasting,
& More Consistent Erections…

Without using pills with side-effects, disappointing supplements, or painful medical procedures

Watch and discover how your unique ED occurs… and the simple 3-step process to stop it from messing up your sex life again!”

What is “Hard As You Want”?

“Hard As You Want” is an all-natural & holistic approach designed to help you master your sexual well-being so you can get more consistent and reliable erections.

…without using pills, supplements, weird snake-oil smoothies, doctor visits, or medical procedures*.

ED’s root causes include the physical, psychological, emotional, social, and even spiritual aspects.
Each of them has varying levels of impact on your erection.

“Hard As You Want” is a comprehensive approach aimed at reducing (or eliminating) the impact of these causes on you.

Your unique ED is the result of a combination of hidden root causes. Sadly, too many men don’t know what to do, so they’re missing out on the critical information they need.

The goal of “Hard As You Want” is to give you the final piece of the puzzle so you can restore the flow and reduce the chances of going soft ever again..

Once you know the simple process and exercises I used to treat my clients’ ED… you too will soon enjoy harder and longer-lasting erections naturally whenever you want.

Imagine… No more sudden limpness. No more disappointed partners. No more feeling like you’re less than a man. Just the ability to get & maintain erections reliably and consistently.

Do not lose hope. ED may have defeated you in the past, but today we fight back. The time has come for you to take control of your sex life and reclaim your bedroom confidence.

Time to get as Hard As You Want.

*Even if you have known physical issues, the techniques I’ll share inside will show you how to have more fun, rewarding, and satisfying sexual experiences. Continue reading for more info.*

“Hard As You Want” Is A Shortcut To Having Consistent And Reliable Erections Whenever You Want

“Hard As You Want” is essentially a SHORTCUT to pinpointing and overcoming each and every cause of your unique ED…

…so you can get & stay hard whenever you want.

The course is designed to give you skills that will last a lifetime…

…that means you do not have to spend any more time or effort trying different solutions.

I’ve spent years researching so you don’t have to…

Plus my approach has been proven by over 100 men… you simply have to follow and take action!

“Hard As You Want” is NOT just a quick-fix…

…if you choose to follow everything inside, I promise you’re going to have more consistent and reliable erections for years to come.

Once you’re inside, you’ll discover solutions, exercises, and helpful tools designed to help you overcome your ED – no matter your age or sexual history. 

The information you’re going to learn is based on my personal experience of helping hundreds of clients overcome this crushing issue.

My clients who once had lost hope because of ED now feel like they’ve been given a new lease on life. They’ve improved their sex life dramatically – nothing’s stopping them from having threesomes, swinger parties, BDSM dungeons, etc.

Many have regained their confidence to date again. And to some, they felt like they were given another chance to be a father…

… all because of the information I’m sharing inside this course.

This is powerful:

  • Imagine having a throbbing hard-on that rocks your partner’s world that won’t turn limp in the middle of peak action…

  • Imagine being so confident in bed that you want MORE SEX instead of avoiding it…

  • Imagine finally having actual control over your sex life instead of being controlled…

After streamlining and improving my approach, “Hard As You Want” is now ready for the public.

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NEW All-Natural & Holistic Process
Gives Men Harder, Longer-Lasting,
& More Consistent Erections…

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I’m constantly improving the program to make sure you have the most up-to-date info about ED, guaranteeing you’ll always have the latest information to get & stay hard for years to come! .

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Here's How Men Went From Not Being Able To Get Erections…
To Having Long-Lasting
Fail-Proof Hard-Ons!

This Is Something Completely New, Different, And Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Tried Before – Read The Story Below To Discover “Hard As You Want”.

From: The desk of Caitlin V

Re: How to overcome ED for good (and why this is your best way out)

Dear Future “Hard As You Want” Owner & Hard-On Expert…

What if I were to tell you the information revealed inside this 7-module video course has helped men from all walks of life overcome ED for good?

It’s OK if you’re skeptical – it means you’re smart and you’re doing your due diligence.

So Let Me
Prove It
To You

First, read this disclaimer:

I’m not a medical expert… 

But I hold a Master’s Degree in Public Health. I’m also a published researcher, an educator, mentor, coach, guide, and expert on the subject of human sexuality for nearly two decades

7 of those years were focused on men and modern male sexuality…

The truth is, there is no SINGLE cure for ED.

However, there are ways to overcome its causes.

While ED could still happen…

…the information inside “Hard As You Want” will give you a fighting chance…

…and reduce the chances of it happening down to almost zero.

I say that with confidence because I have personally helped men overcome it.

You see, the average person who reads “free information” on the internet gets little to no results.

Sorry, it’s just true. I wish it weren’t. 

“Hard As You Want” is your shortcut to understanding ED based on years of research and personal experience of helping men…

…streamlined to help you uncover and overcome the root causes of your ED as fast as possible…

…and simplified to the point where you only have to watch and implement.

However, all purchases have risks.

That includes consistent effort and action.

If you’re looking for a quick-fix, or for someone to lie to you, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS COURSE.

My approach here will work and will last if – and only if – you follow exactly what I say.

The Only Course You’ll Ever Need To
Overcome Your ED For Good
And Get Harder, Longer-Lasting, & More Reliable Erections!

The Info I’m About To Share On This Very Page Gave My Clients Hope - A Fighting Chance - To Feel Complete Again

The “Hard As You Want” approach is designed to LAST.


You’re going to know exactly how to overcome ED so it won’t affect your sex life ever again.


You’re probably reading this because you’ve exhausted other solutions within your means and nothing worked…


The reason might be that you’re NOT dealing with the RIGHT cause.

This is not your fault.


ED is a complex issue. Trying to solve it when you have INCOMPLETE INFORMATION is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without the image on the box!

You’re simply guessing and hoping something will work.

This is why some men who tried to improve the blood flow in their penis (using solutions like little blue pills and shock wave therapy alone) still don’t see success.

Most products only deal with the physical aspect of ED.


What about the mental and emotional aspects?


What about the social and relational aspects?


Not only that, you can’t ignore the somatic, spiritual, and energetic aspects too.


These are the “hidden” causes of ED people rarely talk about.

To put it in another way…

All ED is essentially caused by a lack of flow in your life…

…that might be blood flow, emotional flow, mental flow, or flow inside your relationships.

Each man’s life experience, relationships, emotional landscape, thoughts and memories ARE UNIQUE TO HIM.

You’re the ONLY one who
holds the key to unlock your flow…

…because you’re the only one who can identify what’s blocking it.


Most men have been taught to pop a pill and get on with it…

…but little blue pills don’t unlock your flow!

Once flow is restored, it GUSHES freely and forever…

…which means you’ll always get to enjoy rock-hard erections reliably and consistently.

My clients are paying me $12,000 – $24,000 to help them identify what’s blocking their flow and clear it out of the way…

…like cleaning the gunk out of the pipes.

The work I’ve done with them led me to creating a simple 3-step process…

…designed to help you pinpoint what’s preventing your flow and causing your unique ED with lightning fast speed and obsessively engineered efficiency.

Only after sharing this process with my clients did they start seeing results…

…and in turn, they get to enjoy quality and much more satisfying sex with their wives.

Those who quit dating now have newfound confidence and are in search of life-partners.

Those who had given up the thought of becoming fathers now have a chance to start a family.

All of them now see life differently from before…

…all because they’ve overcome ED after following my approach.

Below are some success stories that you might relate to:

…Here’s How Ben Overcame Years of Repression and Trauma to Reclaim Masculinity And Finally Experience Sexual Pleasure Again...

Ben was in a 20-year marriage that became sexless for the last 10 years. 

He felt like he was an indentured servant to his ex-wife; taking care of the kids, the house, and her every need. 

When they finally divorced, he was excited to start dating again…

…but he quickly realized he was having trouble getting an erection.

He was desperate for help.

He wanted to reclaim his sexuality and to be more kinky.

Eventually, he found me, and then applied to be on my TV show called “Good Sex”.

On the show, we discovered that a childhood trauma led him to believe that men were dangerous and that he wasn’t allowed to have pleasure.

This belief caused Ben to completely suppress his sexuality, to the point where he had difficulty feeling anything below his neck!

In other words…

His repressed emotions denied him his erections!

We worked on reconnecting him with his body and emotions…

…and soon he was able to let go and finally feel things.

The key to his sexual liberation was to reconnect with himself, his body, and his emotions.

By doing so… he finally got to experience sexual pleasure for the FIRST time in years.

The process I developed for Ben during that show pinpointed and eliminated his “hidden” erection killers…

It’s the same process I’m sharing with you inside “Hard As You Want”!

…Here’s How Scott, A Young Healthy Man In His Late 20s, Overcame Years Of Erection Issues In Just

Scott was in a serious relationship but had a problem that was bothering him for YEARS…

…he simply couldn’t get or stay hard!

Despite being physically active and healthy, he simply couldn’t perform sexually.

After seeking my help…

…he realized he was FORCING his erections.

He learned how to loosen himself after watching some of my videos in this course…

…and in just a matter of weeks, he was able to masturbate…

…finally ending his ED after YEARS of not being able to get hard!

Overjoyed with the progress he had made, Scott proposed to his girlfriend who happily said yes…

…Here’s How
Michael Shocked The Crowd
At A Sex Club With His Sexual Prowess After Solving His Inconsistent Erection…

Michael had it all.

He was that super cool dude you like to get to know better… sought-after male model… personal trainer… 

…he’s got a wife and a girlfriend who know about each other.

But he had a secret that was eating away at him – inconsistent erections.

Getting an erection for his girlfriend was easy, but not for his wife.

Plus, his girlfriend wanted to have sex in a sex club in front of an audience, but Michael couldn’t do it even though he wanted to.

During our work together, Michael told me he felt invisible to women…

…and that he had to do everything for them to be loved. 

He believed he could never be enough… and felt like he was drowning in his own insecurities. 

We worked on changing his perspective…

…and soon he broke free from his limiting beliefs.

But what gave him the biggest result…

…was when I used a process in this course that got him to start accepting his struggles with getting hard…

…because after that, he was able to get an erection with both his girlfriend and wife… and in the sex club!

The first time he had sex with his girlfriend in a sex club…

…he was so focused on making love to her that he didn’t realize the club was closing up. 

When the lights came on, everyone stopped to look…

…it was that moment that Michael realized that his ED was gone… but more importantly, he felt seen and appreciated.

You’ll get this same process inside “Hard As You Want”, plus the actions you need to take.

…Here’s How A Young Man In His Early 20s
Quit His Viagra Addiction
And Finally Found The Confidence To Perform Naturally…

The first time Jamie had sex, he took viagra because he wanted to perform.

…and from that day onwards, he never had sex without it.

He always had some pills with him ready to go because he couldn’t be spontaneous.

In fact, he said, “I don’t see a world where I can have sex without viagra… but I don’t want to rely on this.”

It got so bad he resorted to buying dodgy “gas station boner pills” because they were cheaper!

I instantly knew this was going to be a tough problem…

…so I immediately started working to establish his confidence in himself…

…using a process I’m sharing inside “Hard As You Want”.

We also worked on slowly removing his addiction…

…and soon, he was able to perform again without viagra or any pills at all.

After a few weeks, he reclaimed his sexual confidence and he now can get erections whenever he wants!

Now here’s the good news:

I’ve boiled down the entire process…

…included ‘short-cuts’ and various techniques designed to work as fast as possible…

…and created an easy-to-follow process anyone can do starting tonight.


Here Are Some Reviews From
Satisfied Clients:

The Men Above Are In A Group Of Over XXX Who Have Conquered Their Erection Issues…

You can bet my “Hard As You Want” approach is unlike any method you heard of before.

This is something completely different because…

…I don’t just talk about the physical aspects of ED like making life-style changes (exercise, weight loss, quitting smoking, etc)…

…or using over-the-counter supplements and herbs that claim to help with ED…

…or even non-invasive treatment options, like medication (sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil).

Focusing only on the solutions above is severely limiting your ability to kick ED out of your life.

Listen – your mind is powerful.

Your thoughts and attitude can have a powerful impact on your ability to get erections.

In other words…

…your mind can prevent you from getting hard even when you inject your penis directly.

There’s a much more effective and long-lasting way…

…I’ll Show You How To Kick ED To The Curb By Using An All-Natural Approach That Holistically Treat All Of ED’s Causes…

ED may occur through a combination of:

  • The physical aspects
  • The emotional and mental aspects
  • The social and relational aspects
  • The somatic, spiritual, and energetic aspects

For example…

Fear, shame, or even guilt can affect your ability to get erections or stay erect. 

Lack of confidence or insecurities can also play a part…. Not forgetting past trauma or PTSD.

Social aspects like resentment towards your lover is also one of the biggest boner killers.

Somatically, the inability to feel your body or experience pleasure deeply can prevent you from getting hard…

…especially once you’re over 30 and your hormones stop giving you boners at the drop of a hat…

Can you now see how these aspects can affect your erection?

These are the “hidden” aspects very few are talking about, if any!

This explains why there’s a big percentage of healthy men out there who are still struggling.

In fact, there are many who find pills and other readily-available solutions completely ineffective.

Improving blood flow is one thing…

…but such solutions won’t help if you have performance anxiety ED, or porn-induced ED for example… 

…because those issues are mental in nature.


…Pill Companies Want You To Believe You Need Pills To Get Hard…

The harsh truth is you’re being LIED to…


…because the only way to overcome the mental aspects of ED is by taking care of your overall sexual well-being as a WHOLE.

To overcome ED effectively and for good, you must look at the entire picture.

Let me put it another way…

If your car breaks down, you don’t just look at one part of the engine.

You’d look at all the different parts to determine the cause so you can fix it.

It’s the same with ED. Simply looking and trying to “fix” the physical aspect of ED just isn’t enough.

Having ED is a signal from your body saying that something’s off.

Think about it…

We are biologically programmed to reproduce. We’re built to have sex. It’s literally how we survive as a species.

So if you have ED, your body is trying to tell you, “Hey, please take a look. I can’t function properly”.

Your goal is simple
: To figure out the cause of your ED so you can prevent it from happening again.

To help you achieve that goal, you need knowledge.

And that’s where “Hard As You Want” comes in.

What I’m giving you is knowledge so you have the power to be in charge of your body, or rather, your sex life.

Like I said…

This is something completely different, and it has the power to change everything for you…and I know that’s true…

…because it changed everything for the men I’ve helped!

My “Hard As You Want” Approach Allowed Men To Successfully Overcome ED Once And For All… Even After Popular Solutions (eg; Viagra, Pills, etc) Failed Them!

And I Put This Entire System In A 7-Module Video Course Called “Hard As You Want” And You Can Start Watching In Just A Few Moments From Now…

But before you do, I’d like to introduce myself and tell you about how all this came to be.

My name’s Caitlin V…

Maybe you’ve heard of or seen me on my show “Good Sex” on TLC, Discovery+, my TEDx talk, my YouTube, popular magazines, or somewhere on the internet.

In any case, I’m first and foremost a sexologist and researcher, and I have a Master’s Degree in Public Health. 

I coach people on how to gain confidence and improve their sex lives.

For nearly 2 decades, I’ve been a researcher, educator, mentor, coach, guide, and expert on the subject of human sexuality.

7 of those years were focused on men and modern male sexuality…

…and in that period I’ve helped over 489 men become amazing in bed using proven techniques based on scientific research and my unique expertise.

I have just over half a million YouTube subscribers… and they’ve left thousands of comments on how my videos have improved their lasting power.

In fact, many of them found solutions to their sex-related issues just with the information I freely share on YouTube.

(Note: Since I’m on social media, there are MANY things I cannot say or teach publicly online, or I’ll risk getting my accounts shut down. The best way to get the complete information is through my specialized courses like this one.)

I’ve empowered thousands of couples from over 150 countries with my knowledge and scientific approach.

I’ve also helped hundreds of men overcome their sex-related issues like premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and more.

Plus, there’s an advantage of me being a woman.

You see, there are certain male “ED experts” who create a course after curing their own ED… 

…there’s just one major problem with that…

Their process is based on curing just ONE case of ED – their own!

As a woman, I’ve been with multiple partners who were dealing with ED…

…and each of them required a different approach to restoring their hard-ons. 

Plus, because of my personal experience, I know how ED really impacts couples in and out of the bedroom.

That means my experience in dealing with various types of ED issues are FAR more extensive than the typical male coach!

The #1 Mistake Most Men Make Is Trying To Overcome ED Based On Incomplete Information

ED is such a complicated issue that you simply cannot say one solution fixes everything…

(If that solution was available, ED would cease to exist!)

I’ve been a sex researcher for the past TWO decades, and it took me over 7 years before I was comfortable to create this course. 

That’s simply because I outright REFUSE to lie to you. 

Inside “Hard As You Want”, we’re going to spend the bulk of our time together addressing the major causes of ED.

The ultimate focus is determining the triggers that cause your unique ED.

I invite you to throw out whatever you THINK you know about erections.

Feelings lie, bodies are strange, and the majority of us are disassociated from eroticism in maddening ways. 

We have to discuss the impact the outside world has had on us because it all connects.

In short, ED may occur from a combination of physiological, emotional, mental, relational, social, and spiritual blockages that prevent you from getting it up and getting off.

There’s still a large percentage of men who struggle with ED and inconsistent erections…

…even when they do NOT have physical issues.

This is why so many men feel so hopeless and defeated, as if they’re forever stuck with this crushing issue.

But you’re not going to be stuck with ED any longer.

Not only am I going to give you the latest, most up-to-date information on ED…

…I’m also going to share various exercises, techniques, and so much more so you can overcome ED on your own.

I’m Going To Guide You How To Deal With ALL The Aspects Of ED Using Specific Exercises I Developed That Anyone Can Do At Home…

Your ability to get and stay hard is based on your overall well-being – not just physically, but mentally as well.

Factors like anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems, performance anxiety, guilt can and will affect your erection.

Inside “Hard As You Want”…

I’m going to show you simple exercises you can easily do at home…

…the same exercises I’ve taught privately to some clients who have paid me tens of thousands.

I’ve made it all extremely easy to consume and apply…

You literally just have to watch the videos and implement the lessons.

If you can do that, I promise you will know how to overcome your ED.

I’ll explain in great detail inside “Hard As You Want”, it’s a 7-module video course that shows you
everything you need to know.

So Here's The Million-Dollar Idea Behind My “Hard As You Want” Approach…

Right this moment as you’re reading this…

There’s a lot of noise in the erectile dysfunction world.

Because of new discoveries and advances in technology… more and more information gets put out there.

This has created a ton of confusion in the market… 

Even when there are hundreds of solutions out there…the fact remains the same: ED is still affecting a large number of men.

Why is that?

I mean, if 50% of men in their 50s were going blind, all the doctors in the world would scramble to find an answer…

So why are we not talking about this epidemic that has been around forever???

Obviously, something’s not right.

Are the powers that be allowing this problem to continue because of money?

Do they not have the resources to get experts to come up with a solution?

Many are still desperately hunting for a solution that works for them.

And as you may have guessed it – I have it.

And what’s really cool is that the “Hard As You Want” is better than anything else out there because it’s a COMPLETE approach.

And You Know What? I'll Stake My Entire Reputation On This One Promise:
No Matter How Unique Or Complicated Your ED Is, You Can Overcome It.

And once you start using my “Hard As You Want” approach…

You don’t need to worry about ED messing up your sex life ever again.

It’s something that will happen naturally if you simply follow everything I say in the course.

In fact, set your calendar right now to 6 weeks from today.

If you implement everything I’m sharing with you inside “Hard As You Want”… that date will be the day when things will start changing for you.

That’s how easy this can be.

If My Clients Can Do This, So Can You!

And Here's Another Reason You Too Can Do This

It took me over 7 years to figure this out and perfect my approach.

Hundreds of men I’ve coached came from all walks of life… and they’ve gotten results from my approach.

The info inside “Hard As You Want” has been tested and proven.

There isn’t anything left for you to figure out because I already did all the hard work for you.

You just need to watch the videos inside “Hard As You Want” – just like my successful clients.

But most important of all… Implement the lessons!

That’s really it. 

Simple, right?

Here’s The Exact 3-Step System Revealed In “Hard As You Want” Video Course To Get Reliable and Consistent Erections Whenever You Want



I’ve made it extremely simple for you to understand how YOUR unique ED occurs. This is the first and most important step to overcoming your ED. We’re going on a deep dive to understand what’s really causing you to have ED.

This step is THE most important step of all. In fact, some of my clients overcome their ED just from the first few videos alone! (results vary) Do not skip this step.



I’m going to show you simple exercises (plus some fun homework) you can do to start the process of overcoming your ED. This is where the rubber meets the road. These exercises are the same ones I shared with my clients and they’re now enjoying longer-lasting erections in bed.

These exercises are powerful. One of my clients got rid of his ED that has been haunting him for years after watching just ONE of my kegel exercise videos. (results vary)


Enjoy Your Erection.

Depending on how long you’ve had ED, you could see results sooner than expected. Once you’re at this stage, you only need to do simple activities to maintain your newfound erection-activating powers. This is when your life will change.

“Hard As You Want” is easy.

All you have to do is WATCH the videos… IMPLEMENT the lessons… and GET RESULTS.

This simple yet highly effective approach is how my clients are enjoying consistent erections they can rely on.

  • If you want to regain control of your sex life…
  • If you want the desire to date again…
  • If you want the ability to please your partner…
  • If you want the opportunity to be a father…

“Hard As You Want” will give you everything you need to overcome ED once and for all.

And that’s not all, because…

Here's What Else You're Going To Discover In “Hard As You Want”...

  • How to strengthen your mind and not let any external distractions affect your erection when you’re in the middle of the action…
  • How to identify the causes of DELAYED EJACULATION, and the simple steps to ejaculate more frequently, with more satisfaction and pleasure…
  • How to turn erection aids, medical ED treatments, supplements, and even porn (yes, porn) into your sexual advantage to make your erections stronger, harder, and more reliable…
  • How the words you say to yourself can severely affect your erections… and what to say when you talk to yourself so you can have consistent erections whenever you want…
  • The ONE kegel lesson that solved my client’s ED problems in weeks after years of struggling (results vary)…
  • How your masturbation habits and techniques may be the ultimate cause of your ED… and the simple exercises to solve it ASAP…
  • “Secrets of the Breath” – How simply breathing correctly can have a profound impact on your erections…
  • Discover your “emotional superpowers” and how to channel them to give you rock-hard erections…
  • How to effectively safeguard your mind & body to prevent ED from forming at all or from getting worse over time…
  • The TRUTH about erections and how this info can give you the erections you can rely on for the rest of your life…
  • How to activate the chemical in your body that keeps your erection strong and lasting (you don’t even need Viagra)…
  • How to determine if you need medical treatment, 1-1 coaching, or specialized therapy for your next steps (and how to ensure health care providers will give you the attention and care you deserve)…
  • How to identify and eliminate the blocks that prevent you from getting and staying hard… plus tangible actions you can take for each potential cause…
  • Highly recommended products that will help speed up your progress…
  • The 3 types of erections, including how to activate them and what causes them to fail…
  • Simple ways to identify the cause of inconsistent erections (this may surprise you)…
  • Little-known secrets to enhance your ability to fully experience sexual pleasure (this course will also show you how to enjoy sex more and how to be a better lover, and be a happier partner/husband/father
  • Communication techniques designed to improve bedroom experience…
  • What no one is telling you about fear, shame, and guilt… and the “mind-rewiring” techniques to overcome them to get longer-lasting erections…
  • “Shadow Work” – How to get hard by enjoying the fact that you’re NOT getting hard (Advanced mental module)
  • “The Protection Paradox” – How to prevent condom-related activities from taking you away from being “in the zone” and killing your erection…
  • PLUS: How being a good husband/dad/nice guy can cause your ED… and the simple mindset shift to fix this once and for all…

There’s a TON of info inside…

Like I said, I want you to know how your unique ED occurs. Knowing your enemy is half the battle won.

This is the best and most complete guide available right now to completely overcome ED and prevent it from happening again…

If you wish to be free from ED…

If you wish to be the best lover your partner could ever get…

If you wish to experience pleasure that was once denied to you…

…this is the ultimate guide on how to get there…

And Before You Get Access To “Hard As You Want”… I Want You To Know THERE'S NO CATCH!

I realize the information inside here has the power to change many lives and improve tons of relationships…

…and I could easily charge thousands to only a handful of clients who will pay my fees…

That would be logical business-wise.

So there has to be a “catch”…

I know there are some websites or coaches out there that offer you a great deal on something…

…but then stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

This is NOT one of them.

There’s NO hidden “continuity program” you have to try or anything even remotely like that.

I’m literally giving you access to my entire course, for $97

…as a means of “putting my best foot forward” and demonstrating real value.

My hope is that you finally find success in overcoming your ED with it…

…and that this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come.

That said, there’s ONE thing to keep in mind:

This Won’t Last Long

The truth is…

I was planning on selling this course for $197.

…but I created “Hard As You Want” to help as many men out there as possible.

There were many people involved in the making of this course, and I need to make sure they’re taken care of too…

…so I found that sweet spot of only $97.

Get as Hard as You Want

($3,000 value)

Yours now for

Only $97

Total Value $3,000... You Get 96% Off!

Today Only $97

No Questions Asked 90 Days Gurantee!

If you are not happy. You can get your money back with no hassle. Sound fair?

The Sexiest 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee In The World

I love buying things…

But I also like to know what I’m buying… and that it’s backed by a solid money-back guarantee.

…and that you’re making a worthwhile investment for yourself of just $97.

It makes sense to “Test drive the car before you drive it off the lot”…

So here’s what I’ve arranged:

Get access to the course, watch the videos, then apply what you learn.

Although results may vary across different individuals…

…my promise is that if you’re physically healthy with NO serious medical issues… 

…and if you follow everything I say in this course…

…you’ll have lasting results.

“Hard As You Want” can save you years of paying for viagra or any sort of pills. 

You’ll also get to end your worries that you’re not going to get and stay hard.

Plus, you’ll finally have the confidence that you’re going to please your partner every time… 

…or enjoy the pleasures you’ve been missing out on like threesomes or swinger parties.

You can also see this investment as a second chance for you to try again and start a family.

If you’re not blown away…

Then just shoot me an email and request a refund within 90 days.

We’ll refund you your $97 and let you keep the course free of charge.

How’s that for the world’s sexiest money-back guarantee? 

And since you’ve made it this far, I’ll assume that you’re ready to order, so with that in mind…

For only $97
you’re also going to get UPDATES and the latest info on ED for free, for life…

You’re lucky…

This is the ONLY time you can get “Hard As You Want” at this price…

I’m allowing this for a VERY short time only.

For only $47, you’re also going to get UPDATES and the latest info on ED for free, for life.

…which means you’re always going to know how to overcome your ED, guaranteeing your success for years to come.

To make sure that will happen for you, I’m going to give you even MORE…

You're Also Getting These Exclusive Extra BONUSES!

bonus 1


Tips And Techniques To Stay Hard TONIGHT Without Pills ($97 value)

Want to stay hard TONIGHT without relying on pills?

This bonus contains a special video from me and a pdf you can quickly refer to.

While the tips and techniques in this bonus aren’t designed to give you lasting results like “Hard As You Want”…

…they work extremely well in a pinch.

You’re getting erection starters & savers that have worked for 100+ of my clients.

Maybe you have a date tonight…

…or a plan in the next few days that could involve you sleeping with someone…

Instead of getting anxious about your performance…

…quietly find a place where you can be alone for a moment…

…and pull out this handy-dandy pdf to quickly get yourself prepared.

And there’s no charge for it. 

I initially wanted this bonus to be a stand-alone course for $97…

..but I want you to have this as my gift.

Plus I’m also including these amazing bonuses:

bonus 2-3


Overcome ED Together - Message for Wives and Partners ($197 value)

It’s important to me that you’re not alone on this journey.

To overcome ED effectively, you need support from your loved one.

It’s important to have them understand because this issue not only affects them, but also the relationship as a whole.

However, you might find it hard to explain what you’re going through…

…so let me do it for you!

Let me help you explain what you’re going through so your loved one will finally understand what you’ve been trying to tell her all along!

You simply have to ask them to sit with you and watch this video together…

I’ll do the rest.

Don’t worry my friend. I have your back, and will always do.

Now don’t take this bonus gift lightly… Having me talk to your partner is something I only offer to my private coaching clients for an hourly fee.

But you’re going to get this absolutely free.

bonus 3-4


The Ultimate Guide to Mindful Lovemaking - Whether You're Hard Or Not($12.000 value)

Since you’ve just started this journey, there will be times when ED might occur again during sex.

Instead of feeling defeated…

…I’m going to show you how to take control of the situation like a pro.

This bonus is your “Plan B”.

Watch this video and discover how to confidently take charge and impress your partner.

It’s extremely sexy.

You’ll discover interesting ways to enjoy sex even when you’re not hard.

I created this for my private clients, and was supposed to be another stand-alone course.

But instead of charging you $97, I’m going to add this in to make sure you got all the bases covered!

 …BUT WAIT! I Have Even MORE For You Because I Want You To GET RESULTS…

bonus 4-2


The ED Playbook: 45 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and How to Overcome Them

This is an internal document I created for my coaches and new coaches I’m training. 

My work with hundreds of 1:1 clients has helped me identify over 45 causes that block your erections from happening. 

I’ve listed all the causes of ED according to their different aspects…

…including the instructions and recommendations on how to overcome EACH of them.

It’s yours for free.

bonus 5-2


The 'ED Root Cause' Eraser

The Timeline Tracker is a potent process I use with my 1-1 clients who are paying me over $12,000.

The goal is to gather your baseline data to pinpoint the origins of your ED.

My clients who used this process discovered the cause of their ED for the first time and were blown away.

They finally knew the events that led up to them having ED.

The information you get from this will reveal a lot of why you’re stuck with ED all this while.

The insights you get from this bonus alone can be ground-breaking.

Get as Hard as You Want

($3,000 value)

Yours now for

Only $97

Total Value $3,000... You Get 96% Off!

Today Only $97

No Questions Asked 90 Days Gurantee!

If you are not happy. You can get your money back with no hassle. Sound fair?


Bonus #1

Stay Hard Without Pills

A video and PDF to save you from going soft or having to rely on pills! Inside contains erection starters & savers that have worked for 100+ clients. Use this for the moments where it counts the most.
Total Value: $350.00


Bonus #2

Overcome ED Together - Message for Wives and Partnersg

You’re not alone in this journey. Let me help you explain what you’re going through with your wife/partner so she will finally understand what you’ve been trying to tell her all along. I got you!
Total Value: $375.00


Bonus #3

The Ultimate Guide to Mindful Lovemaking - Whether You're Hard Or Not

This is the same baseline data gathering process that pinpoints your ED’s origins I use with my 1:1 clients who are paying me $12,000 - $24,000.
Total Value: $200.00


Bonus #4

The ED Playbook: 45 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and How to Overcome Them

45 Causes of ED and How To Overcome Each Of Them. This is an internal document I created for my coaches and new coaches I'm training. It’s yours for free.
Total Value: $200.00


Bonus #5

The 'ED Root Cause' Eraser

Discover The Origins of Your ED. This is the same baseline data gathering process that pinpoints your ED’s origins I use with my 1:1 clients who are paying me $12,000 - $24,000.
Total Value: $100.00



Team Caitlin V Support

Discover TThis program wouldn’t be complete without support from us. Enter your questions in the comments section and either of us will answer you directly! .
Total Value: $300.00



Highly Recommended products

There are TONS of products out there, but which ones are truly worth it? Let me show you which ones are worth your $$$! .
Total Value: $175.00



Free Lifetime Access and Updates

I’m constantly improving the program to make sure you have the most up-to-date info about ED, guaranteeing you’ll always have the latest information to get & stay hard for years to come! .

Get as Hard as You Want

($3,000 value)

Yours now for

Only $97

Regular Price $3,000... You Get 96% Off!

Today Only $97

No Questions Asked 90 Days Gurantee!

If you are not happy. You can get your money back with no hassle. Sound fair?

Stay tuned. It’s coming soon.

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