Events 2022

Transform your relationship through an intimate experience with Caitlin V.

Kicking off 2022 in...

Tulum, Mexico


March 30th thru April 3rd, 2022
Arrival day with evening activity, 3 Full Days of relationship goodness.
Limited to only 5 Couples***
***Only 3 spots are left


$14,444 Paid in Full
$15,555 Payment Plan


Lodging, experiences, meals

All travel, shuttles, and flights

Vaccination is not required but a negative PCR test will be required from every guest and facilitator in the 72 hours before the retreat. We may also require rapid tests during the event.

What to expect

3 Days of experiences, coaching, lessons, and support that will deepen your relationship and love for each other. We are keeping the contents a secret and will be revealed only to the chosen couples.

About this space

We have really outdone ourselves for this experience. 

This space has been designed as a unique environment where you can connect with nature, feel peace and life around you. In the middle of Tulum’s jungle, 5 minutes away from downtown and 15 minutes to the beach, you’ll find the perfect place to create memories and feel the most tropical vibes.

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Who are your Teachers?

This retreat is co-hosted by Caitlin V and Jaime and Yonatan of Coopetition Coaching. The three of them began their work together after meeting in September of 2020.

Since then, their shared passion for personal growth and development, alongside their common foundation of embodied, energetic, and erotic empowerment, have inspired their clients and audiences to new heights.

For this co-facilitated retreat, having three coaches means that each of our five lucky couples will be thoroughly held and supported in their highest good. Our three unique and overlapping styles reflect a diverse and well-rounded approach to supporting our clients’ goals.

We recognize that this is an intimate retreat and you will want to be familiar with all of your facilitators. If your application is approved, you will be able to schedule a call with Jaime and Yonatan who will guide you through the onboarding process, giving you a chance to experience them and their process before you commit to joining us.


Caitlin V

Caitlin V, MPH, is a sexologist and researcher turned coach who helps couples experience enhanced intimacy, deeper connection, and more fulfilling sex lives.

For the past decade, Caitlin has empowered thousands of couples from all over the world with her expert knowledge, scientific approach, and bubbly personality. She’s a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach, and a certified Accelerated Evolution practioner.

Caitlin has amassed over 420,000 subscribers and 53 million views on her YouTube channel, and has been featured in a myriad of publications, including Healthline, Shape, Popsugar, OprahMag, and Bustle.

Caitlin is the creator of the Come When You Want Method for ejaculatory control, She Comes Too, a masterclass in unlocking the female orgasm, and the Female Ejaculation Blueprint. Her courses have sold more than 7,300 copies.

Caitlin studied Public Health at Indiana University and the University of Texas  with an interest in ​LGBTQ+ youth, behaviorally bisexual women, harm reduction and health promotion in entertainment and nightlife before realizing that the personal touch of one-on-one coaching was her true passion.


Jaime and Yonatan

Coopetition Coaching is the heartchild of Jaime Anderson and Yonatan Elkayam.

Coopetition applies the growth that we see in nature to our relationships. For a tree to truly grow, the roots must dig deep into the earth as the branches reach higher to the light. From the perspective of the roots or branches, things may seem to be moving apart, but when we look at the structure as a whole, we witness more strength and balance coming to the center. We offer a safe space for our clients to explore the edges of their growth in order to truly flourish.

Coopetition brings together embodiment, breath, Reiki healing & talk coaching to help couples create lasting change in their relationships.

Jaime is a dancer, certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and Reiki Master. After a decade of guiding her clients through body transformation, she began to apply those same principles to relationship transformation.

Yonatan is a musician, film maker, actor, certified Pilates coach and Reiki Master. He brings his creative background to his coaching work & offers a unique & grounded experience to his clients.

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