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Caitlin V specializes in the Erotic Blueprints™. Created by her mentor Jaiya and now you can learn the secrets to your eroticism.

Every couple deserves a customized, hand-tailored approach to their love life.

Men and women come to me with many different problems and dreams, but one thing is always the same: if you can’t speak each other’s erotic language, you can’t create a satisfying and passionate sex life.

The Erotic Blueprints™ are that language.

They provide the road map us to speak and meet our sexual needs, to understand and serve our partners, and to ask for and receive what we really want.

The Erotic Blueprints™ are perfect for:

  • Couples with mismatched libidos
  • Sexless marriages
  • Women who have never had orgasms
  • Couples who have lost their sexual chemistry
  • Men who are afraid to have sex
  • Women with a history of people pleasing
  • Anyone who wants an satisfying and pleasurable sex life


How did I become an expert on
men and male sexuality?

I’ve always been passionate about sex. I was the teenager in the sexuality aisle at the bookstore… leafing through sexual science books and feeling like I could never learn enough.

Which is why I ended up studying for a doctorate at the University of Texas School of Public Health… where I realized that helping people directly through coaching was my true passion.

As a sexologist, I use evidence-based and field-tested methods to achieve results. As a coach, I combine my scientific background with my natural gift of engaging people with unconditional love.


  • Everyone is unique and no two people have exactly the same goals for their sex lives
  • Nothing is off-limits
  • There is no rulebook

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Most people I work with start seeing results after our first call.

One sub-par night of sex (or no sex at all) turns into weeks and months of struggle… because people think “I’ll just do more research…. Or I’ll find a pill that actually works….”

You don’t have more time to waste.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you have amazing, mind-blowing sex, and you walk into work the next day with a spring in your step because your woman keeps texting you that she “can’t stop thinking about last night”.

I LOVE seeing these results for my clients. It’s why I do this.

It’s time to stop trying to find magic bullet solutions that don’t work.