Transform Your Coaching Business with Social Media:
The Social (S)expert Mastermind

Confidently create content, speak directly to your niche, and monetize your social media presence. Save time and money by getting advice tailored to amplify your unique brilliance. Achieve 6-figures and beyond while fulfilling your calling and making a difference.

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A Juicy and Aligned Online Presence for Every Coach

Even if you’re camera shy, afraid to “come out” or fearful of being censored… the world needs you and your unique medicine. Build your client base, earn a reliable income, and make running your life and business a lot easier. Get customized feedback and accountability so that you can start building exactly what you desire.

Transform Your Online Presence in 12 weeks.

Dive into an intensive, 12-week program designed to supercharge your business with the power of social media. Learn how to identify, engage and convert leads into clients effectively. The Social Media Mastermind is not just about gaining followers—it’s about increasing revenue, boosting your brand’s visibility and making a lasting impact.

Sustainably Grow Your Coaching Business.

No two coaching businesses or comfort zones are the same. In the program, you’ll get step-by-step guidance that is tailored to your brand and vision. Feel confident creating content, speaking to your niche, getting paid, and sharing your unique brilliance with the world.

Get on the Path of Passive Income.

Imagine a future where income flows in effortlessly, even while you… 😉 With Social Media Mastermind, we equip you with tools and strategies to generate passive income with ease. Transform your social media platforms into profitable channels and enjoy financial freedom like never before. Your path to a sustainable income starts here.

Because We Believe in Your: Our Guarantee

If you do all the work, attend all the classes, and you haven’t gotten your first paying client by the end of our 12 weeks together, me and the team will work with you for up to 12 additional weeks to ensure your success with us.

Leverage Social Media to Unleash Your Power, Live Your Purpose, and Make Serious Coin.

All while experiencing Caitlin V’s unique kickass coaching, feedback, and expert analysis.

Ok you probably know me by now.. or you THINK you do. Did you know I used to cry EVERY time I went to film YouTube videos? (Shout out to waterproof makeup).

Or did you know I waited 6 months to publish my first video course, but made my first $97 within an hour (without sending a single email).

Did you know I’ve had three TikTok accounts removed, my Instagram account shut down, and a strike on YouTube for accidentally posting a topless bathtub pic?

Yes, it’s fair to say that I’ve made a number of mistakes on my journey with social media. I’ve read the hateful comments, hired hot air-filled grifters, ignored my intuition, gained some enemies, and made some cringey content along the way…

But I’ve also had my own TV show on a major platform, made millions of dollars, and changed hundreds of millions of lives. I’ve been recognized and profusely thanked in grocery stores, night clubs, Costco (three times!) and Burning Man.

And it’s no secret that I didn’t do this alone… which is why I’m having the people who showed me the ropes (and held my hand) along the way to share their genius with you:

✅ My awesome professional photographer/videographer husband, who is my secret weapon and will teach you how to look and feel great on camera

✅ My amazing operations director Liz, who has blown up multiple social media brands and will teach you how to generate and post content for maximum impact.

✅ My tech queen and customer service specialist Naneh, who oversees thousands of automations and will teach you how to easily create a first class customer experience.

✅ I’ll also share the wisdom I’ve gained from years of business coaching with the legendary Biz Coach John, what I’ve learned from enrolling hundreds of high-ticket coaching clients, working with the best direct marketing copywriters in the business, hiring and firing, running out of money, making $180k in a single day… and more.

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