man looking down at his penis in bed

Would you put cloroseptic on your dick? 

Second question for ya… would you spend hundreds of dollars to not be able to feel anything during sex?

Because that’s exactly how big pharma is raking in the dough — by selling men the same chemicals found in paint and cloroseptic… and telling you to put it on your junk.

And to make matters worse, the research behind these “magical cures” is shoddy. 

Literally, they’re using a 120-year-old study to justify pedaling numbing agents… the same logic that made old-timey doctors say things like “You have too much blood, let’s stab you with this piece of wood until you bleed out! …

THAT’ll solve the problem!” 

The same logic should absolutely NOT be applied to your Johnson. Keep that voodoo away from your hard drive, man. 

Numbing Agents Don’t Cure Premature Ejaculation. They Make Sex Worse.

This “magical ingredient” that they say cures premature ejaculation is Benzocaine. Benzocaine – also known in the UK as “Fake Cocaine” is a topical anesthetic, a drug that makes the treated area numb.

Big pharma has been selling the same premature ejaculation “cure” for over a hundred years, and they haven’t conducted any more studies or improved their product… they’ve just slapped on fancy packaging.

They call this a “cheap yet effective” solution to premature ejaculation that can cost you up to $264 a year. That is close to $13,200 in your lifetime of having a numb, lifeless cock that’s at risk of going soft.

To make matters worse, these numbing agents don’t just numb your joystick. They also make it impossible for your woman to feel anything that’s going on at all.

At that point, why even bother with sex? Neither of you can feel what’s happening anyway.

Many men also report that the act of having to “spray and wait” makes sex more complicated.

Is that worth it?

You might as well have sex with a tiny baseball bat. It feels the same.

That is a horrible deal, but that isn’t even the entire downside of buying these products. Even after spending all of this money on these products, you will continue to lose your erection or ejaculate too early time after time.

Premature ejaculation is not caused by an overly sensitive penis.

It’s time to put this harmful myth to rest once and for all.

Men buy these numbing creams, wipes, and pills because they think “If only my cock wasn’t so sensitive, I’d be able to last longer in bed!”

That’s not the case, my dudes. because premature ejaculation has nothing to do with the sensitivity of your dick.

In fact, the clit has THOUSANDS more nerve endings than the penis, and you don’t see women losing their minds when a man touches them down there….

There are many factors at play when it comes to premature ejaculation: these factors include how you masturbate, your testosterone levels, the level of performance anxiety you experience, how you approach foreplay, among other factors. Hell, even sex positions can make all the difference between two minutes and a 45 minute romp.

So… Who SHOULD Use Numbing Agents?

The ONLY men who should be using numbing cream, pills, and wipes are those people who have “Lifelong Premature Ejaculation” and cannot last for longer than one minute. 

So if this is you — if you can’t last at ALL to save your life — than numbing creams and agents can help you last a tiny bit longer… even if you or your woman can’t feel a thing.

But for those of you who can last a few minutes… or experience inconsistency when it comes to how long you CAN last in bed….

I have a better solution for you. Mainly because how quickly you orgasm has nothing to do with the sensitivity of your dick, but your psychological state of mind. Hear me out.

Screw these band-aid schemes and invest in a treatment for Premature Ejaculation that actually solves the underlying problem.

… because the underlying problem that causes premature ejaculation can never be solved by a numbing wipe.

Instead, if you want to last longer in bed… you need to put in the work.

That’s why you need to check out my course Come When You Want. It costs less than a lifetime’s use of numbing agents, it actually solves the problem, and it’s 98% effective.

In fact, most men that take this course report improvements in just 90 days.

This program is for men who:

  • want to feel what’s going on during sex
  • want to last longer in bed for the LONG HAUL
  • Are willing to put in the work to make this happen

Sound like you? Click here to learn more about how the Come When You Want Masterclass can bring your sex life back to sizzle status.

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