How to Cure Premature Ejaculation in 2 Weeks

cure premature ejaculation in two weeks

Do you want to be able to give your partner orgasms through penetrative sex? Do you want to enjoy mind-blowing, deeply satisfying sex for both you and your partner? (Who doesn’t?!) This one simple technique is crucial for ending premature ejaculation, helping you last longer in bed, boosting your confidence, and giving you a better sex life.

Once you train yourself to delay ejaculation, you’ll no longer be in your head thinking, “oh my god is it gonna happen? I need to make this last!” Once you know you can stop premature ejaculation, you can do it every single time. You’ll finally be able to really ENJOY pleasuring your woman because you have nothing to feel anxious about!

Here’s the low down:


How You Practice is How You Play.

When it comes to sex, how you practice is how you play.  When you’re having solo sex (aka masturbation), you’re practicing for partnered sex.

In other words, if you masturbate for a very short amount of time, sex with a woman isn’t going to last very long either.

The good news?

You can change how you masturbate! When you change how you masturbate, you naturally change the way you have sex with a partner.

Simple enough, right?

This works because your brain doesn’t really know the difference between having sex with yourself and having sex with a partner. (I know that sounds crazy. I can explain the science to you later.) But right now, all you need to know is that you brain doesn’t know the difference. You’re training your body to respond in a certain way, so you don’t ejaculate prematurely.


The Technique to Overcome Premature Ejaculation (Drum Roll Please!)

You have a new masturbation goal! Your goal is to extend the amount of time from when you get an erection to when you ejaculate. This is one of the best exercises to lasting longer in bed.

Step One:

Time yourself. Seriously. Literally, grab your kitchen timer or stopwatch and time yourself from start to finish. Figure out your baseline for how long it typically takes you to masturbate. Because however long it takes you to masturbate, chances are, you’re lasting about that long when you’re in bed with a woman.

Step Two:

Set a goal! For all my clients, their goal is to last for twenty minutes. But depending on how long you’re lasting, you’re going to want to work up to this in increments. So let’s say you’re lasting between two to three minutes right now when you masturbate. Your goal is to increase how long you last by one single minute each time you masturbate. So you’ll go from lasting for three minutes, to four minutes, to five minutes, etc. etc.

This might take you a couple of weeks, but trust me – stick with this program and you will start to naturally last longer in bed.


Your Biggest Challenge to Making Yourself Last Longer in Bed

I’m telling you right now that you’re going to want to throw all this out the window when you’re close to orgasm. You’re going to be tempted to take that short cut. When you’re close to orgasm you just want to GET there! Totally understandable. It feels good! In that moment I want you to imagine that you’re having sex with the woman of your dreams and you want to make it last just a little bit longer.

One way you can control your level of arousal (in order to make yourself last longer) is to stop touching yourself altogether for a second. Give yourself a chance to cool off and let go of some of that tension.

If that doesn’t work quickly enough for you, you can GENTLY pinch the tip of your penis, which encourages blood to leave the shaft, thus decreasing your erection and decreasing your arousal.

You might find that it’s difficult to maintain an erection while you’re doing this. That’s okay. If you lose your erection, just put your pants back on. You can come back to it later. You’ll always have another shot at this. It’s more important that you wait instead of giving into temptation and continuing the habit of premature ejaculation.


What if it’s Different When you’re in Bed with a Woman?

You might say “Look, I can masturbate for twenty minutes but its way different when I’m in bed with a woman.” I totally get that. That’s why you need to subscribe to my YouTube channel, because I give you scientifically-backed advice and information that can help with that too! Never miss my tips on how to last longer in bed, how to finally satisfy your woman, and how to control premature ejaculation, and how to have an overall better sex life.

But no matter your personal issue, it’s still vital that you take your time when you’re having solo sex, so you can last longer when you’re in bed with a partner, too. I swear to you, this will pay off. You will reap the benefits! Okay, now go forth! Grab your timer, and begin hitting those masturbation goals!

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