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From: Caitlin V
RE: Come When You Want

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My name is Caitlin V and I am an expert sexologist and sex coach.

I’ve helped dozens of men just like you build stamina and confidence, learn how to control their ejaculation, and last as long as they want in bed. After years of being a sex educator, researcher, consultant, and doctoral student, I decided to dedicate my life to helping men overcome performance challenges and become amazing lovers.

This course is going to give you everything you need to learn total ejaculatory control.

I was tired of looking up random solutions for PE, and I was frustrated with my overall situation. When I started working with Caitlin, it was so great to suddenly have tools and practices to fall back on.  – Male, 38, CA

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You get a step-by-step video guide that lays out exactly what you need to do to gain control over your ejaculation. You’ll get insider-only information that I developed after years of working exclusively with men like you. You’ll get the exact blueprint you need to succeed in record time.  

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In this two-video bonus, I explain exactly how to talk to your woman about stamina and make her your teammate in your journey. I also made a video JUST FOR WOMEN that you can share with her to help her understand what you’re dealing with and how she can help.

Real Value: $197

Bonus #2: The most common mistakes you’re making DURING sex and how to AVOID them

I’ll show you exactly what to do in the heat of the moment, even when you think it’s too late and you’re going to go over the edge. Learning about this common mistakes will allow you to feel even more confident in your abilities much faster.

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Caitlin V

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What is Come When You Want?
It a completely unique masterclass that gives you the keys to orgasm only when you want and not a moment sooner. I have tested and created new techniques that can naturally and easily remove the uncontrollable feeling of coming too early. This process has been tested by over 3,645+ men with over a 98% success rate! My Grandfather calls that a no brainer. Don’t want to wait another day until you have gone through my breakthrough course on premature ejaculation. You will thank me and so will your woman.

How soon will I receive access to the Come When You Want Course?
This is a completely digital product so you will get near-immediate access. Check your email in about 20 minutes and you should have the link to your private member’s area where you will have access to the entire course! 

Is there research and science supporting the Come When You Want Course?
YES! This isn’t some scammy marketing company selling you snake oil. I have over a decade of research background and have spent the last 5 years of my life improving and refining Come When You Want to only include the best and most effective science-backed and state of the art techniques for eliminating Premature Ejaculation for good! 

How is this different from other programs?
It comes down to three reasons. Come When You Want is constantly evolving so you are getting updated techniques and lifetime to ensure you will never lose out. It’s the only program you will ever need to buy again. Second, the modules are easy to follow and have simple action steps to eliminate your Premature ejaculation for good. Third, I am a real researcher that is using real science to help men eliminate PE and have you lasting as long as you want in bed.


If you have any questions about my Come When You Want Course, just send a message to One of our Superstar support team members will get back to you super quick so you can get started fast and stay on track!