Transforming Ordinary Guys Into 


My Unique System WORKS!

Here are some examples of my system in ACTION.

One of my clients came to me because he was struggling with jealousy…

His wife had been sending naughty pictures to another man.

Even though years had passed, the thought of it just ate him up inside.

Destroying his confidence and ruining their sex life.

Using my system he was not only able to forgive his wife, he was finally able to find out and GIVE her exactly what she wanted in bed.

Despite having young children in the house, their sex life has never be better.  And he never has to worry about her straying again.

And another example…

Some men come to work with me because even though they’re decent, they know they can get BETTER when it comes to sex.

Like my client who is a married father of four. Despite the fact that he and his wife had sex pretty regularly, he felt like something in missing.

Using my system I taught him some expert techniques and introduced him to some parts of female anatomy he didn’t even know existed!

Now his wife puts the kids to bed early because she wants him to do all the cool tricks he’s learned on her every night of the week.

And another…

One of my first ever clients was a handsome young man who, at the age of 26, had stopped dating all together.

He was tired of being embarrassed in bed. His confidence was so shaken, he wouldn’t even make eye contact with attractive women at the grocery store.

Every so often he would booty call his ex, who he could last 10-15 minutes with, just so that he didn’t explode with frustration.

Within months of working together, he went from cumming in 3-5 minutes to lasting for *hours* (not an exaggeration).

Don’t See Yourself In These Men?

But Caitlin, you say to yourself, I’m older, I’ve been divorced, I’ve tried pills/injections, I can’t even last when I masturbate…

I hear you, and I want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I have helped hundreds of men in your exact position. Men who feel helpless about their premature ejaculation. Men as old as 76 who have tried EVERYTHING but still can’t last as long as they want.

Through working with these men I have uncovered a series of easy to use techniques that when applied take ordinary, every day guys and turn them into extraordinary lovers.

Through implementing my techniques, men from all over the world have cured their PE, regained their sexual confidence, recovered from emasculating relationships, started dating again, saved their marriages…

and here’s the best part…

My system works for more than just Premature Ejaculation

I’ve helped men with ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, women who have NEVER HAD AN ORGASM, couples who STOPPED HAVING SEX or lost their sexual chemistry, men who are afraid to have sex or date and SO MUCH MORE.

How did I become an expert on men and male sexuality?

I’ve always been really passionate about sex, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people have the most amazing, mind blowing, earth-shattering sex of their lives.

As a coach, I combine my scientific background with my natural gift of engaging people with unconditional love. I create safe and non-judgmental spaces for men to step into their authentic selves as strong and confident lovers, both inside the bedroom and out.

When I started working one-on-one with clients the same issues kept coming up over and over again:

  • Men suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, struggling to connect with and please women and lacking sexual confidence.
  • Men in relationships afraid of disappointing their women and worried that any day now their partner will leave them for a bigger, better, and more successful man.

Men from all walks of life come to me to help them build their confidence, become expert lovers, and transform their lives in the bedroom and out.

My Values


No two people have exactly the same goals for their romantic and sexual lives and services should be tailored to each individual. I commit to treating you as an individual and treating all of your goals as equally valid and worthy of working towards.


My work with non-monogamous people, LGBTQIA folx, trans*people and others deeply informs my coaching practice. I value questioning hegemonic ideas about sexuality and gender in favor of writing our own, unique guidelines for our love lives.


Everything is on the table when it comes to creating a satisfying sexual life. Whether you want to create more intimacy, explore your sexual desires, or discuss your deepest fears, I am interested in working with you as a whole person without judgement.


As a clinical sexologist, I use evidence-based and field-tested methods to achieve results. As a spiritual healer, I see examining the spiritual, metaphysical, and emotional components of sex as essential to the process. We will use both science and magic to achieve your goals.

Trouble with Stamina and Premature Ejaculation?

I’ll help you last LONGER and restore your CONFIDENCE in bed

Want to Know EXACTLY How to Please Women?

As a bisexual female, I’ll give you specific directions to blow women’s minds

Tired of Being Single or Worried Your Relationship Will End?

Create Sexual Chemistry and Learn How to Please Her – No Matter What