Great Sex Is Within Reach.

In fact, it’s closer than you think. A passionate relationship, unshakeable confidence, and the sex life of your dreams awaits you…

A Personalized Approach With A Laser Focus: Your Needs, Your Desires, Your Relationships.

If you’re ready to have the incredible, satisfying, and fulfilling sex and relationship life of your dreams? We’re ready to make it happen. Consider this the fast track to overcoming whatever is holding you back from the great sex life you deserve.

The best sex of your life is available to you… You just have to know how to access it. Caitlin V’s team of experts provide world-class coaching that meets you where you’re at. We understand that no two people are alike–Coaching provides a tailored approach for your specific needs. Let’s work to get you fast and lasting results.

Hi, I’m Caitlin V.

I’ve spent almost two decades helping people have better sex, and believe me when I tell you: I have seen it all. No matter where you’re starting, the sex life of your dreams is within reach. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people connect to their best and most authentic sexual selves.

The truth is, we all deserve incredible sex. We all deserve to feel powerful and free in our intimacy, and we all deserve connected, fulfilling relationships. A healthy and satisfying sex life is a key pillar of general life confidence and satisfaction. My coaching takes a holistic approach and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to unleashing your full pleasure potential. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible…

If you’re ready to shed the things holding you back and becoming your most vibrant, active, and authentic sexual self? We’re only a couple clicks away.

Introduction to the Caitlin V Coaching Team

Jessie Fresh

Jessie Fresh became a sexologist as a result of her frustration with her sex life and her search to have more hot, steamy, fulfilling sex. She was amazed at how easy sexual fulfillment was with the proper guidance.

After immersing herself in erotic education she needed to share this transformational information with the world. Over the last 4 years as a licensed Sexuality & Intimacy Coach Jessie has guided hundreds of people to have mind-blowing sex.

Jessie is an expert at helping you discover what lights up your body with turn-on, how to communicate your desires so they can be satisfied, and for you to understand the sexual needs of your partner so you can play and get beyond what’s challenging you. Jessie delivers results with her light-hearted but tender and humorous style and her education in Psychology, Communication, mindfulness, and the Erotic Blueprints™.


Jen is an expert at pleasure for both women and men…a self-proclaimed Pleasure Slut. 

With a degree in social worker, she has been in the role of counselor, coach, educator, and guide for over 20 years. Jen focuses on Performance and Life coaching for everyone from C-level executives to stay at home moms, and now as a certified Sex and Relationship coach, she has a toolbox full of highly effective communication, sexual skill and performance-based processes, techniques and formulas to share with you. 

She’s your sexy librarian, when it comes to the plethora of books that she has devoured on the topics of Sexuality, Pleasure, Mindset, Confidence, Success, Playfulness, Communication, and many more. 

Having gone through her own journey of growth and expansion as a mother, lover, and perfectly imperfect human, Jen’s unique perspective on women, sex, partnership and pleasure that simply cannot be matched. Her ability to support men in understanding women’s inner worlds is unparalleled all within a confidential, judgment-free, sex-positive environment


Jesse was once in your exact shoes, he found Caitlin online and decided to join her first-ever High-Performance Male group, where he fixed his erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation, and took his boring bedroom with his wife to new heights. He also stepped up his relationships with his daughters and the rest of his family, becoming the man he was always meant to be, leading him to seek training and certification in sex coaching so that he could help others. This process of becoming himself ended up exposing his marriage for the shell that it had become, and he artfully guided his family through a difficult but meaningful divorce process. He’s literally been to hell and back and he’s now helping other men to uplevel and do the same.

About Caitlin V Coaching

With Caitlin V coaching, nothing is off limits. Unlike conventional relationship coaching, we understand that sex is interconnected with so many different aspects of life. You can’t have a great life if you’re not having great sex… I said it! We take a personalized approach with each client to pinpoint needs, clear away obstacles, and accomplish your goals.

Caitlin V coaching is about transformation. No matter where you’re starting, you owe it to yourself to connect with your deepest, sexiest desires. Together, we can make them a reality.

Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, whether you’re single or coupled, or how much experience you have… We’ll work with you to find more confidence, satisfaction, and pleasure in your intimate life.

No Two Clients Are Alike… Get What You Need Out Of Coaching

Whether you come to our coaching single or coupled, these are just a few of the ways Caitlin V coaches can bridge the sex life you have to the sex life you want.

And so much more…

What Our Clients Say

Better Sex, Deeper Connection, Unlimited Pleasure… You Deserve it.

It’s okay to want great sex. In fact, it’s what we all want… Some of us are just afraid to admit it

It’s also okay to need a little help getting there. In fact, most of us do.

Human sexuality and relationships are two of the most complicated things on Earth. There are so many moving parts… So many things that block us from real, passionate, and authentic sexual expression… finding the relationship of our dreams… keeping the spark alive with current partners.

But this kind of desire lives in all of us.

And just as there are so many things that form our sexual experiences? There are so many tools you can use to finally feel your sexual best. And we’ve got them at our fingertips.

Caitlin V coaching doesn’t limit you to one single framework. We take all the best, most efficient, and proven to be effective techniques to find what works for you.

What is Sex and Relationship Coaching?

Coaching is a professional engagement dedicated to facilitating your growth. You can think of it as the bridge between where you currently are… And where you want to get to.

No matter what your concerns or desires around sex and relationships are, coaching can provide you with the knowledge, accountability, and practices to help you along your journey.

Coaching is a shortcut.

Sure… there’s plenty of information out there. You can read a hundred books or watch a thousand YouTube videos, and some of them will be useful! But working with a coach wades through the mountains of information out there and gets straight to the methods that will be effective for you and your specific needs.

Coaching is a mirror.

So that you can finally see your blindspots. With the safe space created in collaboration with a compassionate but fierce and firm coach, you can finally see what you’ve been missing all along. What the mechanics of your brain and ego haven’t allowed you to see until now. The invisible blocks that have you stuck and going nowhere.

The truth is, if you’re ready to commit to growth and change in your life, working with a skilled and professional sex and relationship coach is the best investment you can make.

Together, we develop a plan and a roadmap based on your unique needs and desires… Then we take actionable steps toward accomplishing them. Along the way, be prepared to gain countless perspectives and skills, and finally heal the wounds that have been holding you back from living the life you want.

A Happier, Healthier, More Satisfying Sex Life… Are You A Good Fit For Our World-Class Coaching?

We can all benefit from expert guidance and we can all benefit from being held accountable to reach our goals.

No matter where you’re at or what you’re up against, incredible sex, confidence in your relationships, and a pleasure-filled life is available to you.

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life. I’ve worked with single men who were convinced they couldn’t last more than a minute in bed. I’ve worked with women who were sure they’d never find love or even orgasm with a partner… I’ve worked with couples on the brink of divorce, and I’ve worked with people who didn’t have the confidence to begin their sexual journeys. I’ve worked with individuals coming to terms with their sexual orientations, sexual preferences, and sexual desires… The list goes on.

And the same is true for my team of elite coaches. Each of them has a wide breadth of experience and a depth in their speciality. They’ve helped hundreds of people from all over the world to get epic results and they can hel

If you’re prepared to invest your time and energy, then coaching can enrich your life and get you to your goals faster.

Better Sex For A Better Life… Here’s What People Are Saying

“Caitlin! Thank you for inspiring me to look deeper within myself and realize that there are certain parts about me that I have been ignoring for a long time. With your guidance, I have begun my journey along the path of self-improvement. It has caused a reawakening of something that I thought was long lost, and helped me to accept the reality that my needs matter, and that I am deserving of love too.”

Sincerely Jesse

Let’s Get Personal… Here’s What’s Included In Caitlin V Coaching

One On One Calls:

Scheduled calls to set goals, build a road map, process together, and answer all your questions. No topic is off limits, as we gently dive into the depths of what’s holding you back, and determine exactly how to best move forward.

Private Access To Resources And Notes:

With your consent, call recordings and progress reports can be shared in a private, encrypted notepad that only you have access to. This is where we share additional resources/information, as well as give you tips and challenges to supercharge your progress.

Text and Email Support:

In between our scheduled calls, We’re only a message away. With coaching, you have direct access to us via text message or email (depending on your agreement with your coach) for any support or questions you may need answered.

Emotional, Mental, Physical, And Spiritual Support:

No two clients are alike. With coaching you will have access to somatic exercises, inquiry-based conversational coaching, emotional guidance and support, and mental exploration. Together, we find your perfect fit.

Upgrade To VIP For Half And Full Day Experiences:

All my clients have the option to upgrade to VIP coaching for a full or half day of intensive coaching retreats.

Plus, As An Added Bonus When You join 1:1 Coaching… Receive 2 of my Best Programs... a $997 Value as a gift.

Epic Lover

A comprehensive, module-based program that allows you to work at your own pace as you dive into the best kept secrets toward becoming a legendary lover. Learn to connect to yourself as well as your partners in a deeper, more meaningful way and open up a whole new gateway to ecstatic pleasure

Epic Relationship

We delve deep into the art of compassionate, loving, and effective communication. Great communication is the key to great sex, and in this course, I teach you to manage, express and relate to your emotions both in and out of a relationship and develop the skills to make any romantic spark last for life.

The Sex Tips That Women Want You To Know

We’re ready to help you get it. Finally invite the joy you want, the ease you deserve, and pleasure you crave into your life, and sign up for Caitlin V sex and relationship coaching.

Stay tuned. It’s coming soon.

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