mistakes men make when women pull away

The 5 Most Common Mistakes Men Make When Women Pull Away

We have all had the experience of connecting with someone, falling in love, and feeling like maybe they’re “the one”.  Maybe you’ve been imagining a future together. Maybe you got her an engraved bracelet for Christmas.  But suddenly, she pulls

How Do Women Masturbate? (Female Self-Pleasure How-To)

Women, about 90% of us masturbate.  But I recently came across a study that said around 60% of us wonder if we’re doing it “right”. Which means, many of us are secretly wondering, “Am I normal?”  Since most women don’t

woman holding up dildo

How often should you masturbate?

When I was a young kid, I noticed that it felt good to touch myself “down there.” I even noticed that the longer I stimulated myself, the more likely I was to reach a “release” at the end, where I

sexy halloween role play

How to Bewitch Your Partner with Halloween Role Play

My friends, the sexiest holiday is upon us. Flames flicker, skirts get shorter, the good girl next door transforms into a daring sorceress … It’s the night we unearth the scary, haunted parts of ourselves we thought were buried… We

How to Talk Dirty (Dirty Talk Formula)

Dirty talk is intimidating. How do you go from “I would like to touch your breasts with my face” to being a swashbuckling dirty talk MASTER? Too many of my clients have something lame they said to their woman that

sexy confident woman

How a Woman Can Help Her Man Last Longer in Bed

This one’s for the ladies who need ample amounts of foreplay and stimulation in order to be enjoy vaginal penetration. Because let’s face it — when your man busts off at the slightest whiff of a sexual encounter, it can

man looking down at his penis in bed

Does This Chemical Cure Premature Ejaculation?

Would you put cloroseptic on your dick?  Second question for ya… would you spend hundreds of dollars to not be able to feel anything during intercourse? Because that’s exactly how big pharma is raking in the dough — by selling

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How to tell your girlfriend you have a fetish

You know how many men I’ve met who were SO ashamed of their fetish that they believed they had to hide it away – stuff it down so deep that they would never be able to experience it with a

couple taking a break from sex

The 10 most common myths about lasting longer in bed

When it comes to lasting longer in bed, there are a lot of myths out there. These myths are harmful because they cause various psychological factors that get in the way of treatment options that actually work for PE. That’s

Caitlin V is Proud to Partner with Royal

As Royal’s resident Sexpert, Cailtin is paving the way for healthier, safer, and elevated sexual wellness.  It’s time to announce a match made in heaven.  Clinical Sexologist Caitlin V, MPH, is working alongside vegan sexual wellness company Royal to help