Hi, I’m Caitlin V

I knew from a young age that I was going to help people have amazing sex and relationships.

As a teenager, I would sit in the “adult” section of book stores and libraries reading whatever I could get my hands on, from science to smut and everything in between.

All my peers called me to ask for relationship advice or to talk about sex. (Or to ask if it’s safe to masturbate with Icy Hot — it’s not).

 I declared my major as “sexologist” before I even got into college.

I dreamed of spending every day helping people enjoy sex and relationships.

Today I live my dream, helping men and women all over the world have better sex.

I help people build confidence, gain skills, discover themselves, create intimacy, increase self-esteem and live better lives in and outside of the bedroom.

If you’re interested in how I got here, keep reading.

My Journey to Becoming a Sex Coach

It all started when I was in High School.

My parents were, like many parents, uncomfortable talking about sex. They basically told me not to have sex and left it at that.

But, as a sexually curious and horny teenage girl, I started having sex with my boyfriend at age 14.

With a few exceptions, our sex life was great! We had sex in his car, in my parent’s basement, even outside in nature a few times.

Looking back on it now, I can see I was fortunate. We were both virgins (no STIs), I was on birth control (no unplanned pregnancy), and I could almost always reach orgasm (no lack of pleasure).

We experimented with oral sex and anal sex. We tried every position we could think of (limited sometimes by the back seat of his Saturn). We were young and in love and having the time of our lives.

I’m so glad that I had that experience because little did I know, a nightmare was about to enter my life and make me question everything I knew about sex and relationships. My perfect, pleasure-filled bubble was about to be shattered.

The Horrors of Sex “Education”

I’ll never forgot the day of the slide show.

If you grew up in America, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The health teacher gathered all the horny, impressionable teenagers in one room and showed them pictures of genitals.

Only these are not the healthy, normal genitals most of us possess.

These are the horribly disfigured, sore-coated, puss-covered genitals of people who suffer from severe and untreated sexually transmitted infections.

Disfigured, disgusting, disastrous genitals. The worst of the worst.

The teacher showed us these images and said “this is what will happen to you if you have sex.”

Am I Normal?

I sat there in shock. Was this going to happen to me?

Was the smooth, pink, healthy skin between my legs destined to become this hot bed of shame and irritation I witnessed on the screen?

Were the orgasms and pleasure going to give way to embarrassment and pain? 

When I had sex I felt magical. I felt loved. I felt beautiful.

I didn’t feel shame, I felt alive. 

I didn’t feel like a slut, I felt like a woman.

I didn’t feel dirty, I felt accepted.

Until that moment.

Sex is Dirty, Shameful, Wrong

I felt a dark cloud of shame come over me. I felt embarrassed. I felt like Eve after eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

Only in this case it wasn’t “knowledge” it was the guilt, shame and fear we have acquired in our culture.

I questioned everything I had experienced. I questioned what my body had felt. Was the joy and pleasure I felt a lie? Was the health teacher telling the truth?

This was the pivotal moment for me. The realization that changed my entire life.

I decided to trust my body and my instincts instead of the teacher.

I decided right then and there to save men and women from shame and guilt associated with sex and sexuality.

I had received a gift.

I had experienced sex for myself, free of the context of shame and embarrassment. 

From then on I have devoted my life to sharing my gift with others.

You CAN Have the Sex Life You Crave

Today I help people experience what their body already knows: That sex is BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL, ENJOYABLE

That pleasurable sex is your BIRTHRIGHT.

That a satisfying sex life is available to EVERYONE, no matter what.

If you agree with me and you want MORE out of your sex life, don’t wait a minute longer.

A PhD in Pleasure

If you’ve made it all the way down here without clicking, I bet you’re looking for my resume.

You want to know if I went to college to study sexuality? (Yes)

If I’ve taught sex ed? ( Yes, for over a decade)

You might be curious to learn that I’ve met or hosted many of my idols like Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen, Dan Savage and beyond.

That I have a Master’s Degree in Public Health. (From Indiana University, home of the famed Kinsey Institute)

That I’ve worked with lots of different people. (From LGBTQIA to BDSM to people with STIs and beyond)

That I worked for the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, or the Texas Medical Center.

That I’ve been mentored by some of the most respected scholars of sexuality in the world. 

That I’ve won a number of scholarships (I’ve lost count). Or that I have some fancy post-nominal letters behind my name (I have 10).

That I made it all the way to my doctoral degree before I felt so boxed in by empirical science that I decided to break out and become a sex coach.

That, as a coach, I have literally helped MILLIONS of people enjoy sex more.

That, through coaching, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others experience more pleasure.

But mostly I think you want to know if I can help you with whatever problem or challenge you’re experiencing right now.

And there’s only one way to find out.

Apply for a free call today. Chances are you’ve waited long enough.