There’s a bazillion ways of putting food and sex together, and I’m going to teach you all the delicious ways.

My husband likes doing that thing you see in the movies — where a woman is wearing a blindfold and her man sensually rubs a strawberry on her mouth before letting her bite it…. except my husband will do that jokingly with chicken. Or peanut butter. It’s never cute but it’s always funny. It’s MY favorite way to combine food and sex because it just cracks me up, guys. It gets me every time.

But there are TONS of other ways to combine food and sex that are actually cute and sexy.

Listen, when it comes to sex, we are incredibly novel. Human beings will come up with ways to make anything and everything sexual. There is an entire subset of internet porn that’s all about fetishes and kinks that revolve around food.

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate food into your sex life that is both pleasurable AND delicious. But just like anything that can be sexualized, there’s a right and a wrong way to do it, and there are a few things to keep in mind so you can keep playing safely.

We don’t want any unpleasant side effects or anyone getting sick from combining food and sex.

But first, what are all the ways you can play with food in the bedroom?

1. You can feed each other

This is a very sexual activity, especially if you bring in a blind fold. This can get fun too, because you can role play. You can pretend to be, say, a Grecian god and feed your partner grapes. You can make it a bondage scene: tell them they have to hold an apple in both hands and they absolutely CANNOT let it drop under any circumstances. So they’re forced to keep their hands up. Or you could tease your partner, giving them a deep sensory experience with food. You can get super kinky just by feeding each other.

2. You can lick food off of each other

Which food is best for licking? There are, of course, the classics, such as whipped cream and chocolate syrup, but I also want to recommend honey and cheese. Really soft cheeses like Brie can be melted down, so people who are on the Keto diet or are just uninterested in eating tons of sugar … OR are simply not interested in getting sticky from using the sugary foods. I know that stickiness is a huge turnoff for me personally, so I always suggest cheese for a mess-free experience.

Get creative! Any food you enjoy can be incorporated into sex. That could be hummus, tahini, whatever!

3. You can insert food into one another

Cucumbers, carrots, zucchini… anything that’s phallic in shape is a great candidate for bringing into the bedroom. Even bananas can be used as sex toys.

4. You can get messy!

Food mess and sex is more popular in the kink and fetish community, where there are videos of women messing up birthday cakes and rubbing it all over each other and feeding it to each other.

5. Food is a great way to experiment with temperature play: it can be hot, cold, or frozen.

Temperature play is a great way to heighten the senses. Grapes can be frozen and put on certain spots throughout the body to pique sensations. Ice cubes can be dragged along the skin. A cold grape could be put on the outside of someone’s labia or held to a person’s clitoris.

Why Play With Food During Sex?

One of my favorite things about incorporating food into the bedroom is that it’s both fun AND different. Food and sex are both decadent, enjoyable activities that pull on our pleasure centers. Eating delicious food is a pleasurable activity, just like sex. If you’re a highly sensual type of person and your senses get really involved when it comes to being sexual and having sex, than this is a great way to appease those senses.

Food can be part of a visual sensory experience. There are audible aspects of food, whether that’s crunching or sucking. There’s the taste, whether sweet or savory. There are different textures and sensations, whether you’re the person with the food on you or the person licking it off. And of course there’s scent! Incorporating delicious scents into the bedroom can amp up the pleasure and put you more into your physical body.

What to keep in mind before incorporating food with sex

1. Sugars in and around the vagina can end up being itchy and painful.

The vagina has a very delicate PH balance and it’s very easy to knock it off kilter. No matter what you’re playing with, make sure it doesn’t enter the vagina. Just to be safe! Even if it doesn’t have sugar in it, just keep it out. It’s safer to not go there. Having a yeast infection or bacterial overgrowth (or having ANY kind of discomfort) is a great way to mess up sex for weeks to come.

2. Anything that goes into the body should be washed with soap and water and covered with a condom.

Veggies have pesticides and fertilizers that you don’t want in your body. Condoms also smooth out irregularities in the vegetables and can make them feel more pleasurable with less friction as they are being played with.

There are also ways to play around with food sexually without even having to take your pants off. You can deep throat a banana at a swanky brunch place, for example. (Careful what you do in public, ya kinky kids!)

3. Some people are sensitive to messes and stickiness. So if you’re going to incorporate food, talk to your partner about it first.

Find out whether your partner has a food allergy. Don’t find out during sex. And some people really have issues with messes and sensory feelings like stickiness, so be sure to talk to them about it first. A bad experience can put a real damper on the night.

Ask them about their tolerance to stickiness. They might need access to a shower or a hot towel STAT after sex.

4. Set the scene.

This can include putting towels down so stickiness doesn’t get on the bedsheets. If you’re getting really into it, you might want to be able to lay your partner down and cover them with food, whether that be sushi or whipped cream.

Because let’s be real – when it comes to sex, we want to keep things easy so we can focus on sex and lose ourselves in pleasure. You don’t want to be focused on whether whipped cream is getting on your sheets. So put a towel down, have wipes or hot towels nearby, so you can dive in, worry-free.

5. Be wary of using spicy foods, or foods with too much texture or salt.

Try to not put anything on anyone’s skin that could cause an adverse reaction. Spicy foods are probably the most important one, but this all goes back to what I discussed about food allergies and sensitivities. But also remember that some of the skin we’re talking about here is very very sensitive. It’s more sensitive than you might imagine, so be careful and treat it with caution.

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