#1 HACK to Last Longer in Bed (Increase Stamina Instantly and Easily)

I knew I had to share this tip with you when he looked at me during intercourse and said, “I can barely feel anything! You’re like  human slip n’ slide!” 

Today I’m going to teach you a simple hack that will help you last longer in bed… and will help HER fall head over heels in love… with making love to you.

This simple hack uses something that’s probably already in your bedroom. (And it’s probably not what you’re thinking.)

But before I can share this with you, we need to agree on something.

First — that more friction (meaning, one surface rubbing against another), leads to orgasm. 

Second — that friction can either be increased or decreased during stimulation to make orgasm happen faster or slower. 

Third — Her level of arousal makes her more or less relaxed. (In other words, more or less tight.) 

Got it? 

Okay, so here’s the simple technique: 

The One Common Bedroom Item to Help You Overcome Premature Ejaculation

couple having sex

Use a generous amount of lubricant, my dudes.

Use lube whenever you have sex. Every single time.


Because lube decreases friction, therefore decreasing the amount of sensation. Less sensation means less urgency to ejaculate!

Think about it: if you use a dry hand when you masturbate, you experience WAY more sensation than when you use a wet hand.

The gears in a watch break down faster when they don’t have any lubricant. Lubricant decreases the amount of friction on your erection, allowing the watch to tick on and on and on.

The same is true for you. More lubricant, less sensation, last longer in bed. 

How Lube Makes Sex Feel Better For Women

wet woman experiencing arousal

Less friction feels better for HER, too! She can enjoy sex way more if she has more lubricant because – as Ariel said – it’s better down where it’s wetter.

Crap, now I have “Under the Sea” stuck in my head. Help!!!

(JK I KNOW it was Sebastian the crab that sang that.) I am fully aware.

What Is the Best Kind of Lube to Use To Have Great Sex and Overcome Premature Ejaculation?

You can always use a store-bought lube. I highly recommend a water-based lubricant that’s free of parabens and free of glycerin. 

But you know what’s even better than the BEST water-based lube? 

Her own natural wetness!

Her own dripping, juicy, wetness is better than any store bought lube. 

I think we can all agree on that. 

So how do you get her dripping, soaking, sopping wet and ready for penetration? 

Well, with great foreplay. Of course!

How to Get Better at Foreplay So She Gets Wet and LOVES Your Sex Life 

couple kissing in ocean

Not only will fantastic foreplay make her wetter than Sea World… she’ll be able to relax into good sex and enjoy more orgasms.

She will be looser and be able to take you ALL the way inside of her during intercourse. (Which trust me — feels amazing and is a very good thing.)

AND you will be able to last way longer in bed.

So naturally, the next question is… 

How do you get better at foreplay so your woman is dropping, soaking, sopping, water-falling, and river-running? 

If she’s not already dripping wet, there is room for improvement. 

She comes too masterclass

So how do you improve? 

My personal recommendation is you check out my foreplay masterclass within my She Comes Too Online Course. 

She Comes Too combines all my masterclasses on seduction, foreplay, sex, and after-sex care. If you want to be a GOD at foreplay and get her dripping wet so that YOU can last longer in bed… this is your best bet. 

It’s a win win.

She gets wetter and more relaxed, she enjoys sex WAY more, you become a foreplay genius, and YOU get to last longer in bed.

As if that weren’t enough, I’ve included in each of the classes within She Comes Too an entire module for men who have dealt with premature ejaculation or just want to have more stamina and last longer in bed. 

But whether you decide to invest in store bought lube or you go ahead and use She Comes Too to get amazing at foreplay, the goal here is still the same. More lube means less friction, means you last longer in bed. 

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