Hi, I’m Caitlin
I’m a clinical sexologist and sex and relationship coach.

I help men overcome their challenges and become amazing lovers

Have you ever had these challenges:

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    Afraid to disappoint a woman in bed?

    You lack the confidence to really take a woman on a sexual journey.

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    Can't control your orgasm or your erection?

    You either ejaculate too soon or not at all and lack control over your own body

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    Worried your relationship will end?

    Either because she’s not satisfied or because you two lack sexual chemistry

I work with men like you from all over the world,
and I’d love to help you too.

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I was so embarrassed, stressed, and confused that I could not perform… Within DAYS both myself and my partner are both very, very pleased with the improvements! Male, 23, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

A sex coach is someone who helps you to improve your sexual and romantic life by guiding you through a series of tools and processes to get in touch with your authentic and fully-realized sexual self. This can include determining what turns you on and off, improving your sexual functioning, finding the confidence to realize your sexual desires, etc. They can help demystify sex and break through feelings of shame. They can help you become a better partner or lover through self improvement. They can help you clear away the negativity around past experiences so that you can move forward.
Working with a coach is like having a cheerleader, confidant, friend and expert advisor all in one. It’s like having someone on your team who you can share everything with in a non-judgemental space. It’s like having a personal expert guide you through the sometimes inhospitable landscape of sex and relationships. It does not include physical touch or nudity.
Traditionally, therapy focuses on an individual’s past whereas coaching focuses on the present and future. This doesn’t mean that coaching cannot sometimes feel therapeutic, it just means that a coach is not the right fit for those requiring psychotherapy. Coaching can coexist with therapy, but it cannot replace it. To be clear, I am not a therapist and my services do no replace mental health services.
Of course! Phone and video coaching are excellent ways to achieve results and I am delighted to work with clients through either medium. I am also available for in-person intensives which can be arranged anywhere. If you’re interested in either please fill out my contact form.
You should work with a sex coach if you are not fully satisfied with your romantic or sexual life, if you’re not living as a fully-empowered sexual being, if you feel stagnated or frustrated in your relationships, or if you feel unsatisfied with your current sexual or romantic situation. If your sex life can be improved (and whose can’t?) then you are a great candidate for sex coaching!
You will get out of coaching exactly what you put into it. If you’re serious, invested, and diligent, you will reap the rewards of your coaching relationship. If you stay attentive and focused, you will learn new skills and see shifts in the world around you. Sadly, the converse is also true. If you are not invested in doing the personal work needed to change, then you will get lackluster results.
I believe that coaching should not require a lengthy time investment, however, only you can determine the duration of time appropriate for you to work with a coach. Change, especially the kind of personal change required to establish fulfilling sexual and romantic relationships, can be fast and delightful or slow and arduous. This depends on a number of factors: your willingness to change, the amount of time you can devote to reflection outside of our sessions, etc. The results that you achieve by being coached will continue to surprise and delight you throughout your life, so starting sooner means more time to enjoy later.
A sex surrogate is someone who does hands-on work with clients that can include physical contact and nudity. Coaching can coexist with surrogacy, however those who require the services of a sex surrogate usually complete their process with them before entering into a coaching relationship. As I coach, I do not engage in any body work with clients.
How did I become an expert on this stuff?

I’ve always been really passionate about sex, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help everyone I connect with have the most amazing, mind blowing, earth shattering sex of their lives. I combine my scientific background with my natural gift of engaging people with unconditional love. I create safe and non-judgmental spaces for men to step into their authentic selves as strong and confident lovers, both inside the bedroom and out.

Once I started working one on one with clients the same issues kept coming up over and over again: Men suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, paralyzed around connecting with women and totally lacking sexual confidence. Men in relationships afraid of disappointing women and worried that any day now their partner will leave them for a bigger, better, and more successful man.
Men come to me to build their confidence, become expert lovers, and transform their lives in the bedroom and out.

Caitlin was able to pinpoint reasons I struggle with sexual intimacy. She uncovered concepts I have never thought about when it comes to sex with my partner and helped to attach words to what previously were only feelings.Female, 31, USA

As I took on more and more clients I realized that I had a special gift for solving these things once and for all.

My unique system goes deep, allowing you to let go of your blockages, overcome your deepest fears, and discover your real, authentic confidence. The best part is that the work we do is forever—once you’ve transformed into the man you need to be, there’s no going back. And it’s effortless.

You’re much closer than you think to becoming the kind of lover women really want.

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My Values

Everyone is unique

No two people have exactly the same goals for their romantic and sexual lives and services should be tailored to each individual. I commit to treating you as an individual and treating all of your goals as equally valid and worthy of working towards.

Nothing is off limits

Everything is on the table when it comes to creating a satisfying sexual life. Whether you want to create more intimacy, explore your sexual desires, or discuss your deepest fears, I am interested in working with you as a whole person without judgement.

Sex is science & magic

As a clinical sexologist, I value evidence-based and field-tested methods for achieving results. As a spiritual healer, I see examining the spiritual, metaphysical, and emotional components of sex as a key part of the process. Together we will use both science and magic to achieve your goals.

There is no rulebook

My work with non-monogamous people, LGBTQIA folx, trans*people and others deeply informs my coaching practice. I value questioning hegemonic ideas about sexuality and gender in favor of writing our own, unique guidelines for our love lives.

Are we a good fit?

Before you decide to work with me, you should know what I’ll ask of you. Here are some things to consider before making an investment.

What I’m Looking For

  • An open mind

    Together we will challenge your limiting beliefs about sex and relationships. You must be open to questioning your assumptions and creating new ones.

  • A committed heart

    It doesn’t matter why kind of sexual life you desire, you must be committed to yourself and to the coaching process for it to be beneficial.

Want to learn more?

I’m happy to answer any additional questions and discuss your unique situation.